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Minister Nguyen Kim Son explains tuition fees and textbook prices

Minister Nguyen Kim Son explains tuition fees, textbook prices - Photo 1.

“Persevere to recommend”

Explaining the price of textbooks, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son said that in 2014, the National Assembly issued a Resolution on reforming the general education textbook program. According to this Resolution, the compilation of textbooks has been carried out in the direction of socialization. Enterprises shall declare prices with the Ministry of Finance before publishing and issuing.

“With the desire that students can always buy textbooks at the lowest price, from a state management perspective and from a professional perspective, the Ministry has strengthened management. In terms of expertise and technology, the Ministry has directed publishers to strictly implement measures to publish books, so that books can be reused many times and new sets of books are published according to the universal education program. 2018 has fully implemented this,” explained Minister Son.

According to Mr. Son, the ministry is directing the preparation of a Circular, stipulating specific criteria and standards on textbooks to regulate this in a more specific and effective way.

“The Ministry of Education and Training has repeatedly issued documents directing the Vietnam Education Publishing House to maximize savings and cut intermediary costs to reduce administrative costs, selling costs as well as other costs. to ensure the lowest price of textbooks,” said the minister.

Along with that, the Ministry has directed the Publishing House to implement synchronously and effectively solutions for providing textbooks to social policy beneficiaries and students in different regions and has directed the Education Publishing House to provide copies of books. free PDF format for students to access from the moment the book is released.

“Education Publishing House is a State enterprise managed by the Ministry. The Ministry has directed the publishing house to strengthen the application of information technology, diversify distribution channels to reduce issuance costs, and accelerate the restructuring of the publishing house in the direction of streamlining personnel and apparatus to minimize intermediaries. “, said Mr. Son

One of the important solutions mentioned by the Minister that the Ministry has been proposing. Specifically, the Ministry of Education and Training has sent an official dispatch to the Ministry of Finance, asking the Ministry of Finance to report to the Government and the National Assembly to add textbooks to the list of goods that are priced by the State and have a price subsidy policy. “Up to this point, the Ministry of Education and Training continues to persist in this recommendation,” said Mr. Son.

Develop a suitable tuition fee rate and schedule for increasing tuition fees

Regarding the increase in tuition fees, according to Minister Nguyen Kim Son, this content is specified in Decree 81. In which, for high school education, the provincial and city governments will decide the tuition fees.

Decree 81 also stipulates tuition fees by region, with a ceiling, a floor and a roadmap. In which, the localities based on the local situation to decide the appropriate tuition fees and in fact, there are some localities that have completely waived tuition fees like Hai Phong.

For universities, also according to Decree 81, if the school is partially autonomous or is partially self-sufficient in recurrent expenditures and is self-financed in investment expenditures, it is not allowed to collect tuition fees exceeding the ceiling of the decree.

As for schools that meet national and international standards, the economic and technical level will be calculated and decided by the school. This is the school’s autonomy.

However, according to the Minister, due to the influence of the epidemic and socio-economic situation, from 2021 up to now, the Ministry has repeatedly sent official dispatches to ministries, branches, localities and schools about maintaining stability. tuition fees during the epidemic situation.

At the same time, reminding and directing units to make revenues in education – training and noting and recommending localities and units based on the situation to build tuition rates and a roadmap to increase schooling. Appropriate fees to share difficulties with parents as well as policies on exemption, reduction, textbook support for students in remote areas…

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