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Mobilize 11,900 teachers to participate, announce scores on June 24

On June 1, 2022, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training held a training conference, implementing the entrance exam for class 10, the school year 2022-2023.

Latest grade 10 exam in Ho Chi Minh City: Mobilizing 11,900 teachers to participate, announcing scores on June 24 - Photo 1.

Ho Chi Minh City mobilizes a large force of teachers and officials on duty for the 10th grade exam

At the conference, Ms. Nguyen Xuan Mai – Deputy Head of Education Quality Assurance and Testing Department, Department of Education and Training, said that the entrance exam for class 10 in the school year 2022-2023 will take place from June 11 to 12. 2022.

The whole city will have 150 exam locations, including 139 regular exam points, 11 specialized test sites, with more than 3,900 exam rooms. Each exam room will have 3 additional exam rooms.

This year, the city has more than 86,100 students registered for the normal 10th grade entrance exam, more than 6,400 students for the specialized exam, and more than 1,300 students for the integrated English exam.

The city will also mobilize nearly 11,900 teachers to administer the exam, 1,800 people to be employees, security guards, police officers, etc. to perform their duties at the test sites.

This year, the city is expected to conduct the examination from June 13 to the end of June 23, to mark the re-examination from June 29 to July 1, and can mobilize more than 1,800 officials. teachers participate in the grading of the exam.

The test scores will be: Disinfection 1 day before the test day and after the test. Organize environmental cleaning of corridors, school grounds, toilets… after each exam session.

Particularly for the exam rooms of candidates in the category of suspected cases, in the category of F0, must be cleaned and disinfected immediately after each exam session.

Exam sites are required to wash their hands and disinfect them right at the entrance of the test sites, at the door of the exam room, and at the board room.

Arrange hand sanitizer solution at a convenient location for users, have enough clean water and soap in the toilet area, arrange trash cans with lids to collect and handle hygienically.

Require officials, employees and candidates to wear masks for the entire time at the test site.

Arrange up to 24 candidates/room. Each student should sit at a table, or ensure a distance, the exam rooms must be well ventilated, not using air conditioning.

Preparatory exam rooms must meet the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, only for candidates with suspected cases, or candidates in the category of F0.

There is no opening of the exam. Candidates must be instructed to enter the examination room, and leave immediately after the test, not to gather and discuss before and after the exam.

Arrange medical staff on duty, 3 preparatory exam rooms to handle cases with disease symptoms.

It is expected that on June 24, the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City will announce the results of the 10th grade entrance exam of the candidates.

On June 27, the Department will announce the admission criteria for the 10th grade specialized and integrated and the list of candidates who are directly recruited.

The admission criteria, the list of students in grade 10 of public high schools in the area will be announced by the city on July 11.

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