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HOSE has a record profit of more than 2,500 billion dong

Annual report 2021 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) has just announced that, in 2021, total revenue of HOSE will reach over VND3,237 billion, up 208% compared to 2020 and reaching 187% compared to the 2021 plan.

HOSE made a record profit of more than 2,500 billion dong - Photo 1.

Investors monitor stock prices on HOSE. (Photo: VNA)

In which, revenue from professional activities accounted for the majority of HOSE’s revenue structure, with 92.23%, reaching more than VND 2,985 billion, up 228.8% compared to 2020. The growth of revenue from This year’s professional activities were driven by the growth of securities trading activities.

In addition, service provision revenue also recorded a growth of over VND 110.78 billion, equivalent to an increase of 30.87% compared to 2020. While financial revenue in 2021 only recorded 51.37 billion dong, down 12.58% compared to 2020.

Total expenses in 2021 of HOSE increased by nearly 95% compared to 2020, reaching VND 701 billion. However, this increase is smaller than the increase in revenue in the past year. In which, the cost of market monitoring is the expense with the largest proportion in the cost structure of HOSE, accounting for 70.6%, up 241.7%, due to the fluctuation proportional to the revenue from operations. securities trading.

In the context of the exciting stock market, in 2021, HOSE reported a pre-tax profit of VND2,536 billion, up 267% compared to 2020, reaching the highest level in more than 20 years of operation. This is also a record high profit in the history of this unit, far exceeding the planned profit before tax of VND 648 billion.

HOSE pays corporate income tax of VND 507 billion and pays VND 1,808 billion to the state budget and superior agencies.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has had a great impact on the whole society and disrupted production and business activities, Vietnam’s stock market has had a breakthrough year in terms of liquidity, leading ASEAN in growth rate. trading value and capitalization in the stock market.

Notably, on November 25, 2021, the VN-Index reached 1,500.81 points, the highest in 21 years of market operation. Market liquidity reached nearly 22 trillion dong, up 3.4 times compared to 2020. This is also a year with many billion-dollar trading sessions, some sessions worth nearly $2 billion.

The stock market capitalization reached more than 5.8 million billion VND with 46 listed companies with market capitalization over 1 billion USD, of which 3 companies had capitalization over 10 billion USD. More than 49,000 billion VND has been mobilized through the stock market, an increase of more than 5 times compared to 2020. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, most listed companies still achieved their revenue and profit targets. 2021 shows quite good resilience and recovery.

In 2021, the strong growth of the stock market poses many challenges for HOSE in maintaining the continuous and stable operation of the market.

However, under the drastic direction of the Ministry of Finance, the State Securities Commission (SSC), HOSE has implemented many technical and professional solutions to solve the situation of increased liquidity and system capacity. limit. The solutions have brought practical effects, bringing the stock market to peaks in terms of liquidity in the second half of 2021.

This year, HOSE said it will focus all resources to complete the remaining phases of the Information Technology (KRX) project and put the KRX system into operation soon.

At the same time, HOSE continues to strengthen and develop the underlying stock market, increasing the market’s size and liquidity along with strengthening supervision and improving transparency in the market…

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