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Artificial intelligence application FPT Software and Landing AI promote digital transformation for smart factories in Vietnam

Landing AI – a pioneer in the field of machine vision and artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley was founded by Dr. Andrew NG – the world’s leading expert in AI, and has just had a strategic partnership with FPT Software (a successful company). members of FPT Corporation) deploying intelligent image inspection solutions in industries and manufacturing plants.

Under the cooperation agreement, FPT Software will promote the development of Landing AI’s flagship product, LandingLen – a machine learning model operation management platform (MLOps) that helps build and establish visual verification of processes and operations. repetitive production operations in the factory.

Applying deep learning technology – the LandingLens platform allows businesses to analyze the inspection process, evaluate product status, and eliminate defective products. For example, phone screen manufacturing companies, when applying the LandingLens™ platform, an AI model that analyzes 2D images of the product, can quickly detect the smallest product defects such as scratches. on the glass. From there, the model automatically eliminates and classifies defective products, helping to improve accuracy, product quality and simplify processes, optimizing operating costs.

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Along with Landing AI’s intelligent 2D visual inspection platform, the solution package developed by FPT Software also includes solutions and applications such as automating the inspection process with 3D images, sound, and IoT. Sensors (Light, temperature, radiation sensors…). The solution package will help manufacturing enterprises accelerate the digital transformation process, in the industrial sector, owning digital transformation factories, automating all operating processes towards the model for operation. smart factory model.

According to Mr. Pham Minh Tuan – General Director of FPT Software, this strategic alliance not only helps the company further improve its AI capabilities but also brings practical benefits to many businesses around the world.

“We’re excited to partner with Landing AI to bring world-class visual inspection solutions to customers globally. All sectors – whether manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals or food and beverage both need uniformity in product quality.I am confident that this partnership will help businesses in these industries improve quality control with a good database than”Mr. Tuan said.

Director of Artificial Intelligence, FPT Software, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong affirmed: “AI is increasingly popular with every industry as it brings a lot of practical benefits to businesses. Our Artificial Intelligence Center is solving real problems by transforming research. Researching cutting-edge AI into impactful products and services. The partnership with Landing AI is the first step in a series of initiatives for us to achieve this goal.”.

Landing AI representative, Mr. Carl Lewis – Senior Director of Cooperation and Customer Development shared: “When developing LandingLens in global markets, we always carefully select partners with potential technology expertise as well as pioneering positions in their own markets. FPT Software is one The cooperation is very suitable for the criteria that we set forth when they understand the value that LandingLens brings to manufacturing enterprises in terms of quality control.”.

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