Setting up a fake website of a securities company to scam

SSI Securities Company has just issued a warning to investors about a new form of fraud. Specifically, the subjects forged business registration certificates, set up websites to impersonate SSI and forged SSI account numbers at BIDV Bank.

On the SSI side, the above documents and information are forged and recommend that customers contact SSI directly through official channels, to check information about product and service contacts in order to avoid being scammed. At the same time, immediately report to the police when discovering that you have transacted with these subjects.

The securities company also reported the incident to the police to investigate and handle the above subjects.

Many forms of securities-related scams have continuously appeared in recent times, when this field is attracting the attention of investors. Fraudsters and hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities, creating fake information channels and sophisticated fraud techniques to appropriate property.

In March, some subjects tried to access the information technology system of securities companies through security holes.

Subjects know some specific information of customers such as login username and password, thereby can hijack the use of investor’s securities trading account to conduct securities transactions, money transfer, withdrawal and property appropriation.

Faced with the above situation, the State Securities Commission has requested securities companies to scan for security holes in IT systems, especially online securities trading systems and Internet-connected systems to keep up with the current situation. remedial time; perform security patch updates of server operating systems, databases, and IT devices. At the same time, there is a measure to contact each investor to request to change the user’s password; warn of potential dangers when revealing information about user usernames and passwords.

Securities companies also regularly recommend investors to take measures to protect their account information such as: Change passwords periodically, avoid sharing securities trading passwords with other types of personal accounts.. .

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