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Specialty “exclusive” only in Da Nang, once only for the poor, now crowded with strange visitors

Banh Canh is a familiar dish in the central and southern provinces. Wherever we go, we can find delicious cake soup shops. And many people think that Banh Canh is the same everywhere, with the same amount of ingredients, but in Da Nang alone, there is an “exclusive” banh chung dish with a strange name: rice cake soup.


This is an attractive specialty that is loved by both locals and tourists. Although not as popular as many other delicious dishes, rice soup can conquer the most demanding diners. People who come to enjoy rice cake soup are not only surprised by the delicious and attractive taste but also more surprised when in the middle of busy streets, bowls of Da Nang rice cake soup are only priced from 10,000 VND.

Explaining the strange name of field banh chung, local people said that in the year 1997, the area of ​​banh chung shop had a lot of fields, so people based it on naming the dish as rice soup. easy to recognize. Later, when many people knew about it and came back to enjoy it, diners had to wait a long time to eat, so it was also called waiting cake.

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Although the ingredients are not special, the special feature of the rice soup dish is that it is cooked in the style of “something cooked”. That said, the dish is not “mixed” but blends together to create a flavor that diners will remember forever. Accordingly, a pot of rice cake soup consists of simple ingredients such as rice flour, fish cakes, fried onions, etc. The fish used to cook banh chung is either yellow snapper or tuna taken from Tho Quang seaport and seasoned with spices. taste and then again until cooked just right, then bring it to pound for the fish to peel off.

The soup broth has a very sweet taste, the bar from the bones and the spiciness of the chili. It is the original, unsophisticated cooking method that creates a rustic but fragrant taste of the sea that cannot be mixed with anywhere else.


In the past, Da Nang rice noodle soup was a dish of fishing villagers and poor laborers, but also because of its unique and delicious taste, it gradually became known to more and more people, and more and more visitors came to it. there are many tourists.

To find a delicious rice cake shop in Da Nang, the most famous and oldest is the banh chung shop at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge. It is also from this shop that people know about the delicious and cheap rice soup.


This Da Nang rice noodle shop is also commonly known as the “waiting porridge shop”. The reason is because the shop is very crowded so people have to wait a long time and when processing, the owner puts the whole cake flour into the broth, so the cloudy broth looks quite like porridge. The quality of banh chung at this restaurant has never disappointed anyone because of its extremely attractive taste. A bowl of banh chung will have rice flour, very fragrant crushed grilled fish, fish cakes, fried onions with eye-catching red oil scum and a little herbs.

The seasoning is very moderate, so the taste of the soup is rich, the broth is sweet and accompanied by a little spicy chili. This is a favorite dish of many people because it is both delicious and cheap. Each bowl of rice cake here only costs from 10,000 to 15,000 VND. The rice noodle shop at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge sells from 15:30 to 16:00 until late, but it is always crowded with customers, so the small disadvantage is that you need to wait to enjoy.

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