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Not only Phuong Thanh, this Vietnamese star couple also ‘lost points’ when they fell in love ‘in a flash’

After 5 days of publicity, Phuong Thanh announced that Doan Chi Kien was just an “artistic boyfriend”.

Famous since the mid-90s, over 30 years of artistic activity, Phuong Thanh is still a favorite vocalist in Vietnamese showbiz. However, in recent days, the female singer has suddenly become the “stoned” focus of netizens because of her ambiguous relationship with the boy Doan Chi Kien.

Then, without hesitation, Phuong Thanh publicly embraced Doan Chi Kien and even introduced him as “boyfriend” in the press conference. She freely accepted the congratulatory comments from the audience, even “contributing” with a photo Kien took with her stepdaughter and affirmed that the two were very close. The public was surprised to congratulate showbiz on having a couple of sisters who are 20 years older than each other.

Not only Phuong Thanh, the Vietnamese star couple

Public opinion is disappointed because Phuong Thanh admits Doan Chi Kien is an “artistic boyfriend”.

However, when it was revealed that Doan Chi Kien had a wife and children, after only 5 days of publicity, Phuong Thanh “turned the car” and declared that he was just a “boyfriend in art”, her love story was just a matter of fact. by the netizens themselves.

“I just said that Kien is a boyfriend, but how do I understand it, in the past few days, people have understood and inferred” – this sentence is considered a “cold water” thrown at those who believe in Phuong Thanh. Many people were very disappointed after the vocalist’s statement “Farewell to the past”, saying that she was using “dirty PR” when deliberately taking actions to mislead the public. Many accounts also voiced calls for a boycott of Phuong Thanh.

Angela Phuong Trinh and Cao Thai Son… 3 days of love

Not only Phuong Thanh – Doan Chi Kien fell in love “in the blink of an eye”, at the end of February 2022, the love of Angela Phuong Trinh and Cao Thai Son also confused public opinion.

Specifically, at that time, the couple continuously proposed marriage, along with a statement that hinted at marriage and having children. Even then, “Baby Mother” continued to post sweet pictures of herself, with the sweet status line: “Landing in you” and tagged Cao Thai Son right in the post on her personal page. . When many people doubted, Angela Phuong Trinh frankly admitted that both were in the process of getting to know each other.

Not only Phuong Thanh, the Vietnamese star couple

Despite denying the PR trick, Angela Phuong Trinh’s 3 days of love – Cao Thai Son made the public angry

Not only Phuong Thanh, the Vietnamese star couple

However, after only 3 days, “Little Mother” stunned people when “turning the car around” said that despite the support of both sides of the family and progressed to the understanding stage, she realized that both were suitable. be a confidant rather than a life partner.

“Happiness is a predestined relationship. Eating life in life is a debt. And after a few days of getting to know each other close to his family, it gave Trinh a lot of experience about life, about the simple philosophy of life, well, so it is. Trinh’s two brothers realized that they would be soul mates instead of the earthly hair tie, because between Trinh and him there are many similarities in the meaning of this human life, so beautiful, so beautiful.” presented by the actor.

Although they knew the ending early, netizens were still harsh at this act of being thought to be ridiculous. Many people criticized the couple for making jokes with the audience, creating scandals to polish their names.

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