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4 drinking habits to speed up belly fat loss at the age of 50

To learn more about how reduce belly fat in their 50s, the site Eat This, Not That! chatted with two nutritionists (CGDD) in the US.

It’s Amy Goodson, the author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook and is a member of the Medical Council Eat This, Not That!; and Courtney D’Angelo, author at Go Wellness.

Below are the opinions of the two CGDDs above.

1. Drink green tea

Green tea is full of health benefits health


Green tea is chock full of health benefits, including several important antioxidants that can help aid weight loss and weight management.

“One of the most effective weight loss drinks is green tea,” says CGDD Goodson.

The catechins found in green tea are antioxidants that have been shown to increase fat burning and boost metabolism.

Additionally, the caffeine found in green tea may help improve exercise performance by providing energy.

For added benefits, try consuming matcha, a green tea with a high concentration of catechins.”

“The caffeine in green tea can also help speed up your metabolism,” says CGDD D’Angelo. To reap these benefits with green tea, you can drink up to 3 cups a day.

2. Skip sugary drinks

Should limit sugary drinks for good health


There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of iced mocha, but ordering it daily can contribute to weight gain.

“It might be obvious that drinks like soft drinks are full of sugar, but guess what, a lot of the fancy coffee drinks people consume are also high in sugar,” says CGDD Goodson.

“Favorite coffee drinks often have a lot of calories from sugar, sometimes up to more than 300 calories. So before you drink coffee, make sure it doesn’t derail your belly fat loss goal.” CGDD Goodson noted.

Drink black coffee without sugar for the most health benefits.

3. Limit alcohol intake – especially before bed.

Drinking alcohol in moderation may not be a concern and things like Red wine may even offer some health benefits if consumed in lighter amounts.

But drinking a lot of alcohol, especially before bed, can derail your weight loss goals.

“Drinking, in general, almost always has a negative effect on your stomach, especially in your 50s,” says CGDD D’Angelo.

“However, drinking before bed is a bad habit for many reasons. Drinking too much before bed can harm your sleep, and your body needs enough sleep to have the energy the next day for things like exercise and diet,” notes CGDD D’Angelo. .

CGDD D’Angelo continues: “Drinking a lot of alcohol before bed can also make you eat more unhealthy foods because it makes you hungry, and with alcohol already slowing your metabolism, that’s one A surefire way to add fat to your belly.

To avoid this, put down drinks at least an hour (preferably two) before bed. This can help limit overdoses and expose you to healthier choices,” suggests CGDD D’Angelo.

4. Try carbonated water

Staying hydrated is key to losing weight or managing your weight. But sometimes, plain water becomes a bit boring.

CGDD Goodson says: “If you are someone who doesn’t like plain water, and wants a little taste, then carbonated water could be a great alternative.

Carbonated (sugar-free) water has been shown to increase feelings of fullness more than plain water by keeping food in your stomach for a longer time.

Not to mention, carbonated water helps you satisfy your craving for bubbly without the extra calories,” according to Eat This, Not That!

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