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Conditions for U23 Vietnam to have a ticket to the quarter-finals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022

With the 3rd place in Group C after the second match, U23 Vietnam needs two conditions to get tickets to the quarterfinals of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

U23 Vietnam made a big surprise when holding defending champion Korea U23 in the second match of Group C, AFC U23 Championship 2022.

Vu Tien Long was the one to bring back a valuable point with a tight “cannonball” just in the 83rd minute, after an assist from Phan Tuan Tai.

With 2 points after two draws, U23 Vietnam is facing a great opportunity to win tickets to the quarterfinals with second place in the group.

tien long 2 189
Vu Tien Long celebrates a classy goal against Korea U23

With the current situation, U23 Thailand is temporarily leading after defeating U23 Malaysia with a score of 3-0. U23 Korea, although they have the same 4 points and +3 difference as the Golden Temple team, but lost in the sub-index.

U23 Vietnam is in third place and to pass the group stage, teachers and coaches Gong Oh Kyun need two conditions.

Firstly, “Golden Star Warriors” were forced to win against Malaysia U23 – the team was officially eliminated after two consecutive defeats, in the last match. If there is only a draw or loss result, of course Nham Manh Dung and his teammates will have to carry their suitcases home.

Second, the match between U23 Korea and U23 Thailand has won and lost results.

If at the end of the match U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand there is a draw, and U23 Vietnam wins Malaysia, then the scenario of 3 teams with equal points (5 points together) will happen. Then the secondary indicators will be considered when selecting the next two teams.

According to the tournament rules, when the teams have the same score after the group stage closes, the score criteria won in the head-to-head matches will be considered first.

Next is the goal difference in head-to-head matches between the teams and finally the number of goals in head-to-head matches between the teams.

u23 vietnam 33 190
U23 Vietnam needs 3 points against Malaysia and waits for the match between U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand to not end with a draw.

In case 3 U23 teams Vietnam, Korea and Thailand are tied when they meet, have the same head-to-head record and goal difference in head-to-head matches, then the number of goals scored in the matches Direct confrontation between the teams will be taken into account for the final ranking.

Currently U23 Vietnam has 3 goals against U23 Korea and U23 Thailand, U23 Thailand scored 2 goals against Vietnam, U23 Korea scored 1 goal against Vietnam. Thus, if the Korean U23 vs Thailand U23 match ends with a 0-0 or 1-1 draw, then U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand will continue.

If the score of this match is 2-2, then Thailand U23 will be at the top of the table by scoring 4 goals against the other two teams. U23 Vietnam and South Korea with 3 goals scored will have to be ranked by considering the goal difference in all group matches (including the match against Malaysia).

At this time, the team that scores more goals will be 2nd and have tickets to the quarterfinals. Even, all the above cases of the two teams are the same, the BTC will consider the fair-play score. The team that receives the fewest cards will advance to the next round.

And if the match U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand is drawn with a big score like 3-3 or 4-4, U23 Vietnam will still be eliminated no matter how much they beat Malaysia.

In short, to participate in the round for the 8 strongest teams in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, the necessary condition is that U23 Vietnam must have 3 points before U23 Malaysia. And the sufficient condition is that U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand ends with a win – loss result.

bang c u23 chau a 2022 191
Group C ranking after the second match

Highlights U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea (source: FPT Play)

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