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Pregnant women ‘passing labor’ on the side of the road in Nghe An

06/06/2022 10:40 GMT+7

Receiving news that the woman was in labor in the middle of the road, the staff of the Health Station of Nam Can commune, Ky Son border district (Nghe An) were promptly present, together with the people to help the pregnant woman “abort safely”.

Pregnant woman 'passes labor' on the side of the road, a healthy 3.5kg baby boy is born
The staff of the Nam Can Commune Health Station and the local people support the pregnant woman to “get through labor” right next to National Highway 7A.

Around 2:30 p.m. on June 5, after receiving information that Ms. Xong Y Bi (born in 1990, residing in Tien Tieu village, Nam Can commune) during her arrival at the hospital, she suddenly went into labor right next to National Highway 7A, passing by. In the area of ​​Noong De village (Nam Can commune), Ms. Vi Thi Loan (born in 1982, staff of Nam Can commune health station) just returned to Muong Xen town, immediately drove her motorbike back for tens of kilometers and was at the hospital. The scene coordinated with Ms. Luong Thi Thanh (born 1982, resident of Nam Can commune, midwife of Nam Can Health Station) to assist pregnant women in giving birth.

Many passersby, when they discovered the incident, immediately stopped to support the staff of the health station to help the pregnant woman have a successful labor.

“Thanks to the timely support of the people and a comrade of the local police, a baby boy weighing about 3.5kg was born beautifully, mother and child are healthy,” said Loan happily.

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