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Video: VinFast VF7 electric car revealed in Long Bien

VinFast VF8 is an electric car in the D-class SUV segment that is about to be handed over to Vietnamese customers. Therefore, VinFast VF8 continuously appeared on the test track, the car even returned to the dealer and some reviewers were driven at the VinFast factory.

However, VF8 is not the only car that is expected at this time, but “junior” VinFast VF7 of the lower segment is being interested.

VinFast VF7 revealed in real life?

Recently, a short video recording the scene of two VinFast cars appearing in the Vincom Long Bien area is of great interest to the electric vehicle user community.

VinFast VF7 appeared in Long Bien – Hanoi with VF8? Video Group VF.

In it, the VinFast VF8 car is being lowered from the transport vehicle with dark blue color. This is one of the car colors that many customers love because of its luxury and elegance.

In addition, right below there is a white car that is most interested. Looking at the appearance, many people think that this is VinFast VF7, a car in the highly anticipated C-segment SUV segment at the moment.

Accordingly, this car, which is said to be VinFast VF7, has a neat design, looking at the top, it can be seen that the appearance is quite familiar. The car has a front headlight / cos like the black painted air cavity, this design is similar to the VinFast VF7 concept that was launched at the previous CES 2022 Exhibition.

The positioning lights of this VinFast VF7-like car are located above the bonnet, quite typical of the Vietnamese brand.

Video: VinFast VF7 revealed in Long Bien - Hanoi with VF8?  - Photo 3.

VinFast VF7 has a hidden door handle like a newly revealed car. VinFast’s photo.

Meanwhile, the wheels of the car, which is said to be the newly revealed VinFast VF7, have a rather sophisticated petal shape in the form of ball milling. The car door area is covered with glossy black plastic similar to the VF7 that appeared at the previous exhibition.

In particular, the door handle of the new car that appeared in Long Bien – Hanoi is hidden, designed like VinFast VF7, only different in black, not in the same color as the body.

Video: VinFast VF7 revealed in Long Bien - Hanoi with VF8?  - Photo 4.

Interior of VinFast VF7 previously announced. VinFast’s photo.

Currently, the above information is only in the form of conjecture, but it is most likely that this is VinFast VF7, the car that has not yet received a deposit in Vietnam. The Vietnamese automaker has not yet announced the size and engine parameters of VinFast VF7. Just know that this will be a direct competitor of Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V… in the C-segment SUV segment in Vietnam.

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