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Where do thieves hide diamonds?

Security staff used hand-held scanners to check customers but could not find the lost diamond. You must reason to find out the tricks of the crooks.

Question 1: A rare diamond is on display at the museum. To ensure security, the museum only allows groups of 5 people to visit and will have staff use hand-held scanners to check each person before leaving.

However, this morning, when the museum was opening, the electricity suddenly went off. When the lights came back on, the alarm went off, and the staff discovered the diamond was gone. They checked 5 visitors but found no exhibits.

Who is the thief? Where and how is the diamond hidden?

Puzzle: Where does the thief hide the diamond?


Verse 2: Three homeless people share a bottle of wine as they gather under a street light at night. After getting drunk, they started arguing and fighting. As a result, one person was killed. Neighbors heard glass breaking and a scream.

At the scene, police found a broken bottle of wine with many fingerprints on it. How did the police identify the perpetrator?

Puzzle: Where does the thief hide the diamond?  - first


Question 3: A builder named Stan was found dead at the construction site. The police investigated three suspects who were colleagues of the victim. When asked what he was doing when the murder happened, Andrew said he was laying bricks, Ron was sleeping in the shade of a tree, and Oliver was laying a tiled roof.

Who is the killer?

Puzzle: Where does the thief hide the diamond?  - 2


Question 4: Returning from vacation, Steve discovers that the money in the safe is gone. Police investigated the thief who broke into the safe this morning. They interrogate the people who work in Steve’s mansion.

The chef said he was cooking breakfast at the time of the theft. The maid sweeps the dust in the living room, the gardener cuts the roses, the secretary works on the computer in the office.

The police suggested to look at each person’s hand and detect the thief. Who is that?

Puzzle: Where does the thief hide the diamond?  - 3


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