Find someone pretending to be a Shopee employee to cheat and appropriate more than 100 million VND

Taking advantage of cyberspace for profit and fraud

On March 24, the Cyber ​​Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control Department, Bac Giang Provincial Police said, had received and processed a complaint from a victim residing in Lang Giang district (Bac Giang province). ) about being scammed online by objects, appropriating more than 100 million VND.

Before that, because she wanted to earn more income, Nguyen Thi H looked for a part-time job through the social network Facebook. Through Facebook advertising, Ms. H saw that there was information about recruiting an intermediary to close orders on the Shopee e-commerce platform, so Ms. H actively contacted a pre-pinned phone number on Facebook through the Zalo platform.

Find an object pretending to be a fraudulent Shopee employee to appropriate more than 100 million - Photo 1.

The subject’s fraudulent message to the victim.

The Zalo account owner above claiming to be Nguyen Huu Nghia, a customer care support specialist of the Shopee e-commerce platform, is recruiting collaborators to place orders on demand to increase revenue; If Ms. H agrees to be a collaborator to order and transfer money to buy products, after completing this work, she will be refunded the capital and pay a commission from 9 to 10%. To create trust for Ms. H, this subject sent a picture of her personal ID card and Shopee tax code to Ms. H.

After being agreed to be a collaborator by Ms. H, the subject asked Ms. H to provide personal information such as name, age, address, phone number, bank account number… to complete the registration procedure. file. When completing the registration procedure, the subject sends Ms. H a message confirming the successful registration with the collaborator’s code.

Next, the subject instructed how to perform virtual transactions to pay bills online by: the subject sent the product link to Ms. H, but Ms. H was not allowed to buy the goods, but only transferred the amount equal to the price of the product. products to the bank account number of the supplier, then Ms. H will be refunded the original amount and included a commission.

In the first 3 transactions, Ms. H transferred a total of 6.9 million dong and was refunded the entire principal amount above with a commission of 9-10%. On the 4th transaction, Ms. H transferred VND 8.05 million, but this time it was not refunded and was promised and guided by the object to perform more operations and tasks to complete the procedure. maths. According to the subject’s instructions, Ms. H transferred to the subject 5 more times with a total amount of more than 107 million VND but still did not receive the refund and continued to be asked to transfer more money to the subject to complete. other procedures. Noticing signs of being scammed, Ms. H went to the police station to report the subject’s fraudulent behavior.

Through this case, the police of Bac Giang province advised people to raise their vigilance against fraudulent tricks of cybercriminals to avoid losing property.

According to Thuy Doan

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