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Russia’s only aircraft carrier continues to be ‘in port’ at least until 2024

Russia's only aircraft carrier continues to be in port at least until 2024 - Photo 1.

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier – Photo: TASS

The Admiral Kuznetsov ship was launched in 1985 and is in the process of being repaired, expected to be able to operate again in 2023.

The source told TASS that the repair team discovered many defects in the ship. This means that the Admiral Kuznetsov will stay in port longer than planned.

The ship was originally scheduled to return to service this year, but last year that deadline was pushed back to 2023.

In December 2019, 1 serviceman was killed and 12 injured in a fire on the Admiral Kuznetsov ship. A year earlier, the ship had been damaged, after the floating dock used to raise the Kuznetsov suddenly sank to the bottom of the sea while the ship was undergoing an overhaul.

A floating dock is a floating structure on the water used for ship repair and maintenance. This structure is pumped with water to partially sink to allow the ship to run in, before repair and maintenance. The water is then pumped out, the structure floating, allowing repair and maintenance of the ship.

When the repair and maintenance is completed, water is pumped in again, causing the dock to partially sink for the ship to come out.

Last May TASS said that the transfer of the Kuznestov ship to a new floating dock at Sevmorput is about to be carried out.

The transfer of the Kuznetsov to the new floating dock of the 35th shipyard underscores the Russian government’s continued desire to bring the ship back into service.

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