Mercury retrograde is over – but the chaos is still there

The echoes of the Mercury retrograde season will last until this June 18…

Mercury is the planet that represents the ability to think, communicate and have an impact on matters of communication, technology, transportation…

When Mercury is in retrograde, its energies are out of balance, which can lead to problems such as: miscommunication, disagreements – quarrels, unsuccessful negotiations, delayed schedules. delay, electronic damage, car accident…

So the end of this astrological phenomenon is something to celebrate for many people. But the reality is that once you’re “sticky” and don’t find a way to deal with it, it can still be affected up to 2 weeks post-retrograde.

Even in later Mercury retrograde seasons, they will reappear.

Mercury retrograde is over - but the chaos is still there-1

Not only that, with Mercury’s current position, it is having an unfavorable energy interaction with Saturn – the planet of discipline and bringing challenges.

At the same time, Saturn is also starting to turn retrograde, raising accountability issues. Therefore, do not let your guard down, at least until June 18.

However, we do not need to worry too much. It is important to be cautious and limit negative thoughts. Keep tidy not only for physical space but also in thought. If we do that, we will overcome all difficulties to focus and complete our tasks.

On June 13, things will start to soften as Mercury moves away from an adverse interaction with Saturn. At this time, Mercury will receive support from Jupiter – the planet that brings luck and prosperity.

Our minds will gradually be freed, making room for new, interesting and potential ideas.

Mercury retrograde is over - but the chaos is still there-2

June 18 marks the complete end of the Mercury retrograde and we can expect a period of great growth, especially spiritually.

Over the years, we have faced uncomfortable situations that took us out of our comfort zone and forced us to give our best.

In addition, the energy of the planet Chiron will help Mercury to heal our psychological wounds, freeing us from our insecurities. If we are open to change and improvement, the process will be smoother and quicker.

Overall, Mercury retrograde has given us time to pause and think again. And here we can move forward with more clarity and confidence.

Now, we will need to rearrange our lives and correct our shortcomings based on the lessons learned after Mercury retrograde.

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