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Husband regrets catching his wife’s adultery-Young friend

Thursday, June 9, 2022 09:16 AM (GMT+7)

Eager with the intention of coming home from work in the middle of the night and “kissing his wife and son while they were sleeping and saying he loved them” but what followed happened like in a drama script, full of tragedy.

Husband regrets catching his wife's adultery - 1

He regretted his actions at that time. (Illustrated image)

When they catch their partner cheating with another person, perhaps most people will not be calm enough to sit back and talk about right and wrong or ask the reason again, think to themselves what is wrong with them. The “knee-to-knee” person for so long can betray like this.

The man in this story too, he couldn’t contain himself but beat his wife’s lover to the point of blood, but when he calmed down, he regretted his actions at that time.

That is the story of Ira van den Heuvel, a journalist in a local newspaper in Wisconsin. While working the night shift, he tried to take advantage of the opportunity to drop by the house to kiss his wife and children, creating a sweet surprise but unexpectedly that romance turned into a “nightmare”.

“I have always struggled with my family and hated working at night. Especially being away from the people I love.

I went home from work that day, with the intention of kissing my wife and son while they were asleep and saying I love them.

As I got closer to my house, I noticed a black van parked in my place. I had never seen this truck on my block so I was worried there was an intruder.

Before long, I realized no one had broken in. When I reached my front door, I could clearly hear the sound from my bedroom window. The sound was my wife’s, mixed with the groans of a male voice. “What to do, what to do”, I wondered.

I entered the house. Seeing the bedroom door ajar, I quickly walked over. Gently and cautiously, I kicked the other door and said loudly, ‘Honey, I’m back’, in a voice that was truly ironic.

The room was in chaos, and I dimly saw a naked man running into the bathroom, then locked inside. On the bed, my wife sat there, her face down on the blanket, she sobbed and said sorry to me so many times.

I tried to stay as calm as possible and asked my wife to go to my son’s room. I need to speak to that man privately. We will talk for a few hours.

Then I picked up the pants, which were clearly not mine, lying on the floor, and closed the door. My wife was panicking at the time. I knocked on the bathroom door and said as softly as I could, “I’m holding your pants, open the door and I’ll give it to you. Then get out of my house.”

He opened the door a crack and grabbed his pants, and a few minutes later he came out of the bathroom.

A “pop” sound is heard. I hit him so hard in the face that blood spurted out at that moment. His face showed a look of shock as if to say, “I didn’t do anything”. Then I yelled, “Get out of here. Right now. Call the police if you want, but do that disgusting thing somewhere else.”

After that, he didn’t dare to report it to the police because it turned out that he was my wife’s colleague, he was also married, so he didn’t want his wife to find out the truth.”

Explaining her regret for her behavior that night, Ira wrote: “What I did was completely contrary to the nature of using violence, because when people use force it is in self-defense, but I did it because I felt offended. At that time, I rationalized it as defense against an intruder in my house.

But it’s crap. He doesn’t take anything if my wife doesn’t volunteer. I did it simply in response to the turmoil of emotions and the terrible pain that was breaking my heart.

Still not fine. I wish that night hadn’t happened, but most of all I wish I hadn’t hit him.”

Immediately after that action, Ira packed up and left with her suitcase. Although his son is affected by the breakup of his parents’ marriage, Ira cannot live with his wife who betrayed him.

“Now, I have a new girlfriend, she makes me happier. A stable job, a home, a family. No pride. No shame. That’s more than enough for me.”

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