In May, the number of newly opened securities accounts set a record

According to data from the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD), by the end of May, the market recorded 5,653,695 domestic trading accounts. After just one month, the number of new trading accounts opened hit a record 476,455 units, double the previous month.

Individual investors continue to boom

Specifically, individual investors opened 476,322 new accounts, bringing the number of trading accounts of this group to 5,163,570 units. Institutional investors opened 123 new accounts, bringing the total to 13,793 units.

In the first 5 months of the year, individual investors opened nearly 1.38 million new accounts, 2.5 times higher than the same period last year. This number is close to the number of new openings in 2021 (1.53 million accounts).

An individual investor can register for multiple securities accounts at different service providers. However, if we consider each account for an individual, the total number of accounts currently accounts for about 5.7% of the population.

Thus, the Government’s target of 5% of the population to invest in securities by 2025 has been completed 3 years early. The next milestone of the development strategy stock market 8% by 2030.

For foreign investors, the number of trading accounts reached 41,118 units, an increase of 256 units compared to the previous month, or 0.6%. In which, the number of accounts in the name of individual investors increased by 298 units to 36,940 units. On the other hand, the number of institutional investors’ accounts decreased from 4,220 units to 4,178 units.

Cautious liquidity

The active participation of investors in the market shows that Vietnamese stocks are still very attractive despite the recent serious decline. However, despite witnessing a record high number of new accounts opened, market liquidity tended to be cautious.

End of the last trading session of May, VN-Index only reached 1,292.68 points, down 74.12 points compared to April, equivalent to 5.4%. At one point, the VN-Index plunged to 1,171.95 points, the lowest level since March 2021.

On HoSE, stock market liquidity in May recorded value and average trading volume reaching 14,951 billion VND and 540.22 million shares, down 32.4% in value and 20.98% in volume respectively from the previous month.

Total value and trading volume of shares in the month respectively reached 299,022 billion VND and 10.8 billion shares, down 32.4% in value and 20.98% in volume from the previous month.

Total transaction value of foreign investors reached 53,764 billion VND, accounting for 8.99% of the total two-way transaction value of the whole market. In the month’s summary, foreign investors only net bought 889.79 million dong.

By the end of May 31, the market capitalization listed on HoSE reached 5.12 million billion VNDdown 5.46% from the previous month, reaching about 61% of GDP in 2021.

Similarly, liquidity on HNX also dropped sharply. The total trading volume of stocks in the whole market reached 1.5 billion shares, respectively 34,400 billion VND. On average, the trading volume is more than 79 million shares/session, the trading value is more than 1,723 billion VND/session, down 16% and 32% respectively compared to the previous month.

Compared to April, HNX Index closing the last session of May at 315.76 points, down 13.68%. Market capitalization shrinks to 363,500 billion VNDdown 12%.

Despite reducing trading activity, foreign investors are still more net buyers 77.2 billion VND instead of selling. Total transaction value reached 646 billion VND.

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