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This is where the money goes, sister!

Not only successful as a university lecturer, Midu is now known as a well-known real estate racer in the Vietnamese showbiz world. Because of his multi-talented, fans must have guessed the great wealth that Midu has.

Of course, her wardrobe has no shortage of luxury brands. But who would have thought, real estate giant Midu has a super thrifty habit, frying familiar items every day to make new clothes. If you’re not a huge fan, it’s hard to figure out Midu’s tactics for using this wallet!

Midu owns luxury brands but doesn’t hesitate to fry up the old stuff to save money

This tassel bodice is used by Midu for two completely opposite sets of outfits: One side is a female personality in a white T-shirt, tennis skirt, beret and ton-sur-ton black boots; on the other was a classy woman in a white shirt with loose buttons and pointed heels.

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Another time, Midu was found Dress up for a test but dress up… like riding a horse with an elegant pastel green oversized blouse. While Midu uses a stylish gilet to judge a test to enhance her elegant femininity, while riding a horse, she wears hideaway pants and black boots to show off her long legs.

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Changing the color of the inner strapless shirt, unbuttoning Midu has 2 cute outfits with the same cool mint green shirt.

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Sweaters with off-the-shoulder hem are very much liked by Midu when dressing in the same style by combining a short denim skirt. And of course, no matter what style you match, the detail showing off your collarbones saves the whole outfit!

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This Gucci hat in 2 contrasting colors may be part of Midu’s frugal shopping plan because simply by bending the brim and exposing the attractive orange fabric inside, Midu has 2 very attractive outfits in earth tones.

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photo 1 16470653427791180607384

This white bow tie dress is also Midu’s favorite item when worn in a photo shoot or her birthday.

This skinny jeans style is definitely a must-have item in your wardrobe because look at Midu, if you want to be sporty with a crop top, that’s fine but if you want a cake with off-the-shoulder wool, you can still do it. good.

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