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4 ways everyone can maintain kidney health, even better, eat these 5 black plates

Doctor of Nephrology Tran Vien Thanh, lecturer at Taipei Medical University (Taiwan) School of Medicine shared that as long as you maintain these 4 good habits in your daily life, it will help protect your health, excellent kidneys.

4 jobs to improve kidney health

1. Gargle with warm water and brush your teeth

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At a temperature of 35 – 36 degrees, our teeth can metabolize normally. Use warm water around 35 degrees to rinse and brush your teeth, both for the teeth and for the throat and tongue, as well as cleaning bacteria and food debris stuck in the oral cavity, thereby reducing the occurrence of oral dental disease.

At the same time, brushing teeth with warm water can avoid heatstroke that causes headaches and dizziness, help control blood pressure, and enhance human immunity. Poor oral hygiene, apart from predisposing to periodontal disease, can also indirectly cause heart disease or diabetes in severe cases, and increase the incidence of kidney disease.

2. Wash your face with cold water

4 Ways Everyone Can Maintain Kidney Health, It's Better To Eat These 5 Black Plates - 2

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, “nourishing the kidneys” is the first priority in winter, doing nutrition in winter can improve kidney function, washing your face with cold water is a very good way of kidney protection. Washing your face with hot water will make your face dry and itchy, so on weekdays you should wash your face with cold water around 20°C, besides helping to refresh the mind, it can also improve blood circulation on the face and increase the body’s resistance to disease. Cold water stimulation can also increase the supply of nutrients to facial tissues and increase facial skin elasticity.

3. Soak your feet in warm water

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Traditional Chinese medicine states that soaking your feet in warm water protects the warmth of your feet, warms the kidneys, and supports kidney health. Use warm water, or ginger water, water from the pilot plant… so that the feet are warm enough, after the body temperature rises, the blood vessels in the body will widen, which is beneficial for blood circulation and helps improve kidney health. After soaking your feet, press the Dung Tuyen point on the soles of your feet to double the kidney protective effect.

It is advisable to keep the water temperature around 40°C, do not immerse the feet in too high a temperature, avoid excessive expansion of the blood vessels in the legs, which causes blood supply to the heart, brain, kidneys and other organs. increase the load on the body, even causing coma in severe cases.

4. Eat a lot of black food

Chinese medicine determines that different food colors are suitable for the five organs in the human body: green is good for the liver, red is good for the heart, yellow is good for the spleen, and yellow is good for the spleen. for the lungs and black is good for the kidneys.

Some black foods are good for the kidneys:

Brown rice: Brown rice is effective in warming the spleen and liver, tonic blood and beneficial qi. The content of vitamin B1 and iron is 7 times higher than ordinary rice. In winter, you should add black rice in your diet to be able to support it properly in supplementing the necessary elements for the body, especially the kidneys.

black apple: The nutrients in black apples are very rich, including protein, glucose, organic acids, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc., so they are very good for general health. In addition, according to oriental medicine, black apple has a sweet taste, so it also has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and nourishing the stomach.

4 Ways Everyone Can Maintain Kidney Health, It's Better To Eat These 5 Black Plates - 4

black wood ear: Wooden ears have a fairly effective nutritional effect. Many studies have proven that colloidal black mushrooms have a strong absorption capacity, can cleanse the stomach, intestines, and cleanse the kidneys. In addition, black fungus also contains nucleic acid, lecithin – effectively slows down the aging process of the body, helps improve kidney health.

Black Sesame: Black sesame is known as a “kidney health messenger”. Black sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are useful for the human body. In addition, with the rich content of vitamin E (first among plant foods), black sesame also has the effect of eliminating free radicals in the body, effective anti-oxidant, slowing down the aging process, chemical, treating digestive disorders and helping darken hair.

Black beans: Black beans have the effect of warming the stomach and intestines, brightening the eyes, activating the blood, diuretic and detoxifying. This seed is also a golden food in smoothing the skin and blackening the hair. In addition, black beans are also rich in nutrients that are good for the body such as protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin B2, melanin. These elements are good for anti-aging, kidney health, and beauty treatments.

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