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“He said he would marry me when I died.”

Today, my family welcomed Uncle Ba from far away to our house to play. The family had not seen each other for a long time as the plague lasted for almost a year. Uncle Ba loved me very much, when I was a child, my parents went to work, Uncle Ba took turns taking care of me with food, clothes, and of course, when they grew up, they also took care of my husband and children. . I’m over 30 this year but still not in a relationship, life is a mess too, plus I can’t find the right person, so I can’t get married yet. Today, sitting at the dining table, Uncle Ba asked: “Why don’t you marry to make your mother happy?”.

Hearing my uncle’s question, I was suddenly “strangled”, I understood that they were worried about me and my mother, but at that time, my mother quickly replied: “If you give your husband and child early, many people will not be happy. . when they got married. When I came, I thought, what to do in a hurry, he told me when I die he will marry, he will live with his mother to make him less sad.” Aunt and Uncle Ba laughed softly when they heard that, she said: “Well, when you go to your husband’s house, you don’t have time to take care of your mother, love can’t be forced, let’s count when. it comes to destiny”. I am so happy to have a loved one who understands and sympathizes like that. Friends my age, some unmarried people are pressured by their families, thinking about myself makes me feel very lucky.

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