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How rich and career was Ngo Thanh Van before his 11 year old girlfriend proposed? -Star

Ngo Thanh Van: Sublimation career of the most beautiful “woman” on screen Vietnam

Ngo Thanh Van was born in 1979 in Tra Vinh, he is the youngest child in a family of 3 sisters. When he was 16 years old, he and his mother settled in Norway. After living abroad for 4 years, Ngo Thanh Van suddenly returned to Vietnam to pursue the entertainment industry. 20 years of participating in the entertainment world and 40 years of living, what does Ngo Thanh Van have today?

How rich and career was Ngo Thanh Van before his 11 year old girlfriend proposed?  - first

Ngo Thanh Van “welcome” Vbiz with the runner-up title in the Miss Vietnam contest through photos.

It is known that Ngo Thanh Van returned to Vietnam in 1999 and he “launched” the world of entertainment with the runner-up award in the Miss Vietnam pageant through photos organized by Women’s World magazine. After that, her beauty developed her career by becoming a model. Once he built a name in the entertainment industry, Ngo Thanh Van continued to break into music with albums lover’s garden with singer Mr Hung.

In the following years, with the help of musician Quoc Bao, Ngo Thanh Van released many albums and music products that reached the world. However, even though he was known to everyone, he had not really made a deep impression in the field of music.

New to the film industry Ngo Thanh Van really made a breakthrough. Combination of beauty with director Charlie Nguyen in the film Hero’s Blood helped Ngo Thanh Van make a strong impression on the audience. Since this film, the beauty has been loved by fans as a “beating woman” on the Vietnamese screen. Following success Hero’s BloodNgo Thanh Van has once again stood out through a series of feverish films such as: Dragon Trap, Marine Troops, Pearl of the Far East, House in the Alley, Fire Buddha…

Ngo Thanh Van shows professionalism and excellence through his acting skills. He went to the end of his dream of devoting himself to art. Not only as an actor, Ngo Thanh Van has also matured as a producer and director.

How rich and career was Ngo Thanh Van before his 11 year old girlfriend proposed?  - 2

Image of “hitting a woman” in Vietnamese cinema by Ngo Thanh Van.

It is known that in 2015, Ngo Thanh Van participated in a romantic comedy film Nowadays. This is also his first film as a producer. The film received a lot of positive comments from critics thanks to the mythological elements that are still new to the Vietnamese film market.

At the same time, he also participated in a film project Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger 2 China in the role of a petty villain who was not in the original script.

In 2019, Ngo Thanh Van caused another fever with Hi Phuong. The film was highly appreciated by the media for her skills, and audiences were impressed by the role of the 1979-born female artist. However, Hi Phuong Just released, there are rumors that the international film distribution unit bought 5 million dollars. Despite the rumors, it also confirms the popularity of “Hai Phuong”.

Ngo Thanh Van: Great wealth and secret love path

Success in his career, beautiful face, Ngo Thanh Van is considered an A-list star in showbiz. That’s the reason he earned a lot of money. However, the “woman beating” is quite secretive about his personal life, especially about his property.

But according to the observations of those with knowledge of showbiz life, beauty has very valuable assets, including her own company, two villas, a supercar worth 7 billion dong… Ngo Thanh Van rarely wears a dress. , designer bags, but his watch collections are valued at around 1 billion VND each.

How rich and career was Ngo Thanh Van before his 11 year old girlfriend proposed?  - 3

Ngo Thanh Van and his girlfriend are 11 years younger.

Famous, successful and rich, Ngo Thanh Van is different from many Vietnamese beauties. His path of love is neither professional nor normal, but very mysterious.

There are many rumors about Ngo Thanh Van’s lover, sometimes handsome overseas Vietnamese actors and sometimes musicians helping him. However, before the love rumors about himself, Ngo Thanh Van was indifferent and did not speak up.

However, Ngo Thanh Van admits that he is in love. The 43-year-old beauty shared that she had experienced sweet and romantic love relationships before the age of 30 and even a quiet and boring romance after the age of 30. But generally speaking, every time he falls in love, he loses himself. work energy. . But work is his life force, source of life, and his own reason for living.

How rich and career was Ngo Thanh Van before his 11 year old girlfriend proposed?  - 4

Ngo Thanh Van was proposed to by his younger girlfriend and got the audience’s blessing.

Think of work as a source of life, but that’s when destiny hasn’t come, and when it does, he accepts it. On March 14, Ngo Thanh Van publicly told everyone about being proposed to by his younger girlfriend.

“Fighting a woman” in the Vietnamese film industry opens: “Two years of a pandemic, two years of not being able to find time to work. But at the same time, a man came into her life, shared with her every minute. She prepared something. Every morning she ate and made coffee in bed. walking during the day.He opened the car door and drove him home at night.

He’s not a prince, he’s not superman either… He’s just a pedestal, and makes him feel at peace, always small, and never alone.

They had a happy ending because he proposed to her. And he “said yes – yes”. That girl is Van, who wrote this sentence for you. Van is very happy and Van wants to share it with you. May you bless Van and Huy Tran on this new journey!”

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