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Looking at the 39-degree electronic thermometer, I’m bewildered

Yesterday afternoon, when I came home from work, I saw a hot girl, I took Electronic thermometer measure for you. I was surprised to see that the number on the thermometer was 39 degrees that had been available before. Maybe someone just used the thermometer but forgot to turn off the device.

But this temperature is very high, who in the house has a fever? I immediately called my brother-in-law, husband and maid sister Good name came to ask. My sister-in-law held out her forehead for me to touch and confidently said that her health is very good, there is no illness, so she does not need to use a thermometer.

Touching the foreheads of my husband and the maid is also normal. So who was the one who arbitrarily entered my bedroom to get a thermometer?

Observing a little, seeing that Ms. Tot’s expression was not normal, did she have something difficult to say, so I called into a private room to ask. When there were only two people left, she knelt at my feet and admitted her fault. She said she hid her mother in my house for a week now.

I was shocked when I heard about this, why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing. She said that if I told her, my wife and I would chase her away. For many months, she had no place to live. She loved her so much that she let her stay in the barn. When the whole family was away or going to bed, they dared to let her go out and eat.

Her mother had a fever for the past two days, so before I got home from work, Ms. Tot took a thermometer to test it and the results were as I saw.

No wonder she’s been cooking more food these days, and more leftovers. Unable to accept the maid’s arbitrariness, I called my husband to kick her mother and daughter out of the house.

Seeing the old woman lying in the warehouse, tired and scared, my husband changed his attitude. He immediately took the car to bring Ms. Tot’s mother to the hospital. I am very angry with my husband for worrying about how much money, but now they are sick, so it is not convenient for me to make a big deal of it.

I packed up my things and asked Ms. Tot to go to the hospital to take care of her mother, then I’d go, I’ll pay all of her wages, and give her another 2 million as out of gratitude. But Mrs. Tot knelt down and begged, promising that after her mother recovered from her illness, she would let her go back to her hometown, just begging me not to send her away.

I’m really awkward, I hate that type of person so casually, so I don’t intend to keep Ms. Tot working. But even if she kept on kneeling down and begging, she wouldn’t even chase her. What should I do?

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