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The dog was honored for its good smell to help detect suspicious packages for 4 years

The dog, named Podder, was honored for an outstanding career sniffing out suspicious crates.

The dog was honored for its good smell to help detect suspicious containers for 4 years - Photo 1.

Podder has worked in San Diego, USA for the past 4 years, as a member of the San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Weight and Measures.

After four years, the authorities decided to retire this dog due to his declining health. Before parting, they held a ceremony to honor Uncle’s contributions over many years.

Attending the honoring ceremony were the spotted dog Yetti, Podder’s colleague, the retired search dog Venus and a number of people in charge of management and officials in the district. They prepared Podder with a belt of honor and a lot of other toys and food.

The dog was honored for its good sniffing ability to help detect suspicious packages for 4 years - Photo 2.

Podder dog in honor ceremony

Podder is often tasked with detecting packages that violate agricultural quarantine regulations, sniffing out packages containing pests such as insects, diseases and other harmful organisms.

Manager Kyle Moranton said: “He has a wonderful nose. He loves to hunt and look for suspicious things. I will miss him when I no longer work with Podder.”

Podder became the top spotter, having visited 426 premises during his career, finding 728 species of plants, 137 species of potentially harmful insects. The 6-year-old Podder will retire due to poor health and be moved to a loving home.

The California Department of Agriculture and Foodstuffs began a canine detection program in 2009. Dogs are tasked with sniffing and identifying offending parcels that pose a high risk of pests entering the area. area.

After Podder retires, experts in San Diego county will train a replacement ‘agricultural inspector’, and will join the team in the summer with another detection dog.

In 2021, the 5-year-old Bear was honored for his help in saving more than 100 koalas after the Australian bushfires. He was awarded a medal of honor. Bear dog with agility, intelligence and keen hearing has helped conservationists to timely detect and rescue more than 100 koalas. A dog sniffs out a koala by following the scent of urine.

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