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Vietnamese Quiz: “The animal is a GOD, but adding a sign turns it into a Devil”

If we ask about the richness of Vietnamese, we won’t finish talking all day, but in it, we must say counting word puzzles, asking for tips. Normally, the ways to use words, combine words, … are very diverse, it is already difficult, so turning them into puzzles is even more brain-hacking.

With riddles and tips that need thinking, agility in the way of thinking and answering. Because if it’s too easy to guess, then there’s nothing interesting. The Vietnamese question below is an example of a puzzle that is both brain-twisting but equally interesting:

“What animal is a god, but with a mark it becomes a demon?”.

  Vietnamese Quiz: The animal is a GOD, but adding the mark turns it into a Devil - The answer is super easy to guess!  - Photo 1.

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With this question, those who think simply have to give up, because this is inherently a pun question. So if you just follow the simple way of thinking, there will be no answer to this question.

And the answer to this question is: A turtle.

According to the Encyclopedia dictionary, Turtle (Quy) is one of the four mascots of the four spirits according to Vietnamese folk beliefs. Quy is noble, sometimes it is the owner of the water source (the turtle spits the sacred water), is a mascot of the Buddha land, the Tortoise has long been associated with Vietnamese culture through the story of Kim Quy god helping King An Duong Vuong. build and protect Co Loa citadel. The turtle symbolizes immortality, the image of a turtle wearing a stone stele recording Vietnamese history and 82 stone steles stating the name of the doctor who passed at Quoc Tu Giam.

Quy means Turtle, but if you add a question mark, the word will appear “Devil”, with a completely different meaning. “Demon” is used when calling an imaginary animal in the underworld, a strange shape or appearing to harass, harm people, according to superstition, a demon.

It is true that “stormy winds are not equal to Vietnamese grammar”. Just add a question mark that means extremely different, rich. And you, do you know any Vietnamese words that are so special?

Source: Lightning Fast

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