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Many Vietnamese people ‘use it like breaking’, only regret it when it’s broken

Using drugs indiscriminately, suffering from adrenal insufficiency without knowing it

Vietnamese people often have the habit of taking medicine according to their advice, believing in the rumors that “this medicine is very good, the disease will heal quickly”. This habit of taking this medicine has made many people suffer the consequences of a lifelong disease burden.

Master, Doctor Pham Nhu Quynh, Former doctor of the Central Hospital of Endocrinology – Head of the examination department of Dong Do hospital, said that he had encountered many cases of taking drugs according to advice, drugs without prescription … had to be hospitalized for treatment due to gland failure. acute adrenal.

“Adrenal gland is an endocrine gland of the body, although very small and located above the kidneys, but holds the life of the body. The adrenal gland secretes the body’s vital hormones: the hormone that regulates the blood. pressure, hormone that metabolizes sugar, hormone that regulates salt and mineral metabolism.

Acute or chronic adrenal insufficiency will cause a variety of metabolic problems in the body, such as low blood potassium, excess or lack of sodium, low blood pressure, diabetes … “, Doctor Quynh analyzed.

The organ that keeps people's lives: Many Vietnamese use it like breaking, only regret it when it's broken - Photo 1.

Doctor Quynh is examining a patient with adrenal insufficiency.

Adrenal insufficiency can have many different causes. In particular, adrenal insufficiency due to corticosteroid use has appeared a lot in recent years.

A 9-year-old patient came to the clinic because she had a round red face, a mustache, hairy limbs… Mother suspected that she had precocious puberty, so she took her to the doctor.

When investigating the medical history, Dr. Quynh learned that the patient had a history of bronchitis and rhinitis since childhood and was often given an unknown drug by the family. When taking this medicine, the patient recovered very quickly.

Examination results showed that the patient did not have precocious puberty but adrenal insufficiency as a result of prolonged use of corticosteroids. Patients with chronic adrenal insufficiency are unlikely to recover.

“Adrenal insufficiency in children is often caused by long-term use of drugs to treat rhinitis and bronchial asthma with a corticosteroid component. This 9-year-old patient was still very young, but had to take hormone replacement therapy by the adrenal gland. irreversible failure”Doctor Quynh shared regretfully.

The organ that keeps people's lives: Many Vietnamese people use it like breaking, only regret it when it's broken - Photo 2.

Patients who abuse corticosteroids, BSCC photo.

According to Dr. Quynh, adrenal insufficiency in adults is common in patients who use joint drugs, herbal pills of unknown origin…

The case of patient TL (59 years old, in Thanh Hoa) suffering from bone and joint disease was told by relatives to take medicine to relieve back pain. According to the patient, after the injection, the pain symptoms subsided quickly. After that, the patient took the drug for many years, until he was admitted to the hospital, the patient had adrenal insufficiency.

Not only children and the elderly, but kidney failure is common in young people. Doctor Quynh has met many cases of young people using cream to whiten the whole body for a long time, leading to adrenal failure.

Dr. Quynh said: “Corticosteroids are present a lot in the composition of drugs and are often referred to as anti-inflammatory drugs. The use of corticosteroids will quickly cure the disease but in the long run will “kill” the adrenal glands.

For patients with autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, chronic bronchial asthma or autoimmune diseases, corticosteroids are essential. Corticosteroids used in the right indications have good effects. However, corticosteroids if not treated correctly will be very dangerous, like a double-edged sword.”.

The organ that keeps people's lives: Many Vietnamese use it like breaking, only regret it when it's broken - Photo 3.

Master, Doctor Pham Nhu Quynh.

The Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Bach Mai Hospital, is currently treating many patients with adrenal insufficiency whose main cause is determined to be the abuse of corticosteroids. It is estimated that this rate is up to one-third of hospital admissions and tends to increase.

According to doctors, corticosteroids are synthetic drugs of adrenocorticotropic hormone, have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunosuppressive, and are applied to treat many different diseases such as joints, Allergies, respiratory diseases, dermatology… The drug is used in many different forms such as infusion, oral tablet form, inhalation form, topical form…

In fact, there are many cases where patients who have health problems have bought their own medicine and used it, seeing immediate results, should use it regularly, until there are many unwanted effects to see a doctor.

Besides, with the fear of prolonged use of western medicine affecting health, many patients have abandoned treatment and turned to traditional and herbal medicines of unknown origin because they think they are ” better than western medicine.

How to protect the body’s vital organs?

According to Dr. Quynh, the majority of cases of adrenal insufficiency patients come to the doctor when clear symptoms appear, or go to the doctor for other diseases such as diabetes, fatigue, hirsutism… disease in the adrenal glands. People with adrenal insufficiency who need to take hormone replacement may develop diabetes, blood lipids…

In order to prevent kidney failure, Dr. Quynh said that people need to be careful in using corticosteroids. If you are taking corticosteroids, consult your doctor. In case of prolonged use of joint drugs, pain relievers, mixing creams, anti-inflammatory drugs, the adrenal glands should be checked.

If the patient has adrenal insufficiency or hyperadrenalism, the doctor will advise to stop the drug slowly to avoid harm to health.

In addition, doctor Quynh noted that each person needs to have the habit of checking drug ingredients before buying. If the drug contains corticosteroids, a doctor’s prescription is required.


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