Sen Group and the journey to change the face of Phu Quoc

Pearl Island has changed

Phu Quoc has a very long history with a deep meaning of wealth and prosperity. With a rich natural landscape, diverse ecosystems, rich in historical relics, Phu Quoc is now a destination attracting a large number of international tourists, different from the gloomy tourist picture more than 5 years ago. five.

With the orientation to make Phu Quoc become a tourist and resort paradise of international stature, Pearl Island has now been invested and synchronized with an advanced transport and infrastructure system. Currently, high-speed train lines have operated stably with a frequency of 50 trips and returns per day, averaging 150-300 passengers per train. Meanwhile, the air route with Phu Quoc airport, with a frequency of 34-38 flights/day, connects Phu Quoc with Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hai Phong and many countries in the region and international. Bringing international tourists and all over the country to Pearl Island conveniently.

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In recent years, Phu Quoc city has also been invested in many key projects and projects, infrastructure development, socio-economic development. Among them are the South – North traffic axis and the transportation system around the island, the 110KV underground cable route across the sea Ha Tien – Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc international airport, An Thoi international seaport, residential areas. urban areas and many other works and projects with 265 projects, with a total capital of 377 trillion VND (equivalent to about 16.7 billion USD)… creating an increasingly modern appearance of Phu Quoc.

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Sen Group and the journey to “put on new clothes” for Pearl Island

During that strong transformation, it is undeniable that the role of “pioneers” who are investors who have been “changing new clothes” for Ngoc Island such as: Sen Group, Vingroup, Sungroup, CEO Group… In particular, Sen Group can be said to be one of the pioneering investors and developers who laid the foundation for this rapid and outstanding development with a series of 5-star standard projects of international stature.

Sonasea Paris Villas project: With a total investment of nearly 2,000 billion VND, Sen Group and CEO Group have turned the project into a miniature Paris in the heart of Pearl Island. This is also the first time that a resort paradise with French architectural and cultural beauty has appeared in Phu Quoc. Sonasea Paris Villas is a product that combines many colors in architecture, art, landscape and people, designed by leading architects Site Asia with more than 30 years of experience, ensuring excellent quality and design. Sustainability for customers to experience.

It is the outstanding advantages of its location, architecture, potential and above all its uniqueness that Sonasea Paris Villas has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors. In just 1 month, all 102 villashops were successfully traded, marking Sen Group’s progress in the Phu Quoc real estate market.

Novotel Villas Project: A project with a scale of 96 products, a total investment of more than 400 billion VND, completed in 2017. Novotel Villas is the world’s first international-branded resort villa that is exclusively distributed in the world. Copyrighted by Sen Group. Novotel Villas includes 96 high-class resort villas with 3-5 bedrooms, modern and liberal design, invested according to international standards, fully equipped with luxurious furniture, bringing luxury furniture to customers. giving visitors an absolute ideal resort space.

The Best Western Premier project with a scale of 549 condotels, 16 villas, was completed in 2019 with a total investment of nearly 800 billion VND, distributed exclusively by Sen Group. Stretching from Bai Truong beach, only 5 minutes by car from Phu Quoc international airport, Best Western Premier carries the leading luxury brand from the US. The project was designed by leading Japanese architects, bringing simplicity but sophistication, closeness but class and also very modernity of America, worthy of international 5-star standard.

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In particular, currently Sen Group is focusing on investing in Coconut Island with the focus on the Coconut Island Resort project. This is a tourist complex with up to 137 products, including: Marina, Villa, hotel, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, sports center – marine entertainment complex, farm, zoo with more than 100 Resort rooms, 200 Bungalows, 200 Hotel rooms…

In just 6 years of operation, Sen Group has contributed to put on Phu Quoc in general and Coconut Island in particular with a completely new look, turning this place into a tourist paradise, worthy of the beauty of the pearl island of Vietnam. Male.


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