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The walls of the house are moldy, peeling, and very simple to handle as follows!

After days of drizzling rain or prolonged wet weather, some families encountered a case of moldy and peeling walls. It could be a lump or blister on the wall surface, dark mold spots, or patches of paint peeling off the wall or ceiling.

This causes inconvenience in daily life, affects the aesthetics of the house and also affects the health of family members. If the paint peeling is not handled in time, the wall will be easily absorbed by water in a long time, and the quality of the housing will be degraded.


According to some companies, housing construction units, there are many reasons for the wall to peel off during use.

The first and most common cause is due to the temperature and humidity in the environment, combined with the house not having good waterproofing treatment right from the first day of construction.

Vietnam is characterized by a humid tropical monsoon climate, with average humidity often >70%. Therefore, long-term humid air combined with a prolonged rainy season, leads to inevitable moisture infiltration of housing projects, especially for houses that have not been treated well from the beginning.

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Humidity in the air is often high or the paint selection is not correct, making the walls susceptible to water absorption. (Illustration)

Next, it can also be caused by choosing a poor quality wall paint, leading to a long time, the paint is no longer as durable as the original, which leads to peeling. Or because at the time of construction, the worker did not follow the correct mixing technique, leading to an imbalance in the ratio, affecting the quality of the whole painted wall.

Some other reasons are also indicated such as:

– Construction workers paint the wall at a time when the concrete surface is still fresh, the alkalinity is high, the wall is not completely dry.

– Do not paint enough 2 sides of the wall inside and outside, paint only 1 side.

– There are impacts by external forces such as prying, using sticky substances to hang things, colliding with hard objects, ..


Many homeowners have a headache and do not know how to handle this difficult case.

Mr. NHAO (Hanoi) said: “My house was damaged 1-2 years ago, and it’s still the same over and over again. This is due to the waterproofing treatment from the beginning, but now I don’t know what to do.”

Or PM Nguyet (Bac Giang) also shared: “Over the years, using a dehumidifier all the time still doesn’t work, it’s still moldy and then it’s all peeled off.”

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The walls of the house are peeling and moldy, causing many homeowners a headache and do not know how to solve it completely. (Photo courtesy of NVCC)

In fact, it’s not that there is no way to handle mold or peeling stains on the wall like this.

First, remove the flaking and scrape off the putty. Then smooth and polish the shaved wall with fine sandpaper. Finally, paint over the new paint, in turn the primer and then the topcoat.

If the blistering, peeling on your wall has a large area, after scraping it all, wait until the wall is healed and dry, then proceed to plaster the whole thing.

The walls of the house are moldy, peeling, and very simple to handle as follows!  - Photo 5.

Scrape off the peeling, paint, and re-plaster the wall is a popular method, many people use. (Illustration)

Besides the common method, many people who have experience in this case also point out some other methods that are simpler and easier to do.

Using Java: This is one of the most effective cleaners available today. However, it is only suitable for new dark mold stains appearing on the walls of the house, but not completely solving peeling stains.

If your family only has mild mold stains, you can buy Javen solution and then dilute it with a little water, use a towel to absorb and wipe the area you want to clean.

– Using plastic pieces, wall stickers: This is only a temporary method, for families who do not have the conditions to solve, immediately remove the blistering and peeling patches on their walls.

The walls of the house are moldy, peeling, and very simple to handle as follows!  - Photo 6.

The plastic or foam wall stickers only solve the aesthetic part of the house. (Illustration)

You can buy pieces of PVC, or decorative wall stickers, to cover the unsightly peeling part. Doing this only solves the problem of the look, not the deep part of the nature.

In short, for homeowners who have not encountered a case of moldy and peeling walls like in the article, it is better to deal with them thoroughly from the beginning. It is choosing a quality paint, properly applied, especially waterproof and moisture absorbent.

That way, you won’t have the same headache later on.


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