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Cordyceps cures cough for a long time

Cordyceps distributed mainly in China, in the wet forests of Sichuan, Xikang, and Yunnan provinces.

The formation of cordyceps takes place as follows: In winter, from the head of a caterpillar of the butterfly beetle in the soil grows a fungus. This fungus parasitizes and grows into the whole body of the worm to absorb all the nutrients, causing the worm to die. In the summer, the mushroom sprouts from the ground, but the base is still attached to the worm’s head and gradually develops into a complete mushroom.

1. Properties and characteristics of cordyceps

Small mushroom with cylindrical body, slender, 3 – 6cm long, can be 10 – 11cm, solid when young, then become hollow in the middle. The lower part of the mushroom body is large, tapering towards the top, ending with a wide, rhombic flare, pointed tip, 2.5 6mm in diameter; – This part has a rough outer shell, dotted with small seeds that when examined under a microscope are cysts (reproductive organs).

Cystic cysts are ovoid or slightly rounded, containing fibrous cysts with short stalks. Within the cyst, there are many separate septate spores.

Cough remedy from cordyceps - Photo 1.

Cordyceps mushroom

Parts used as medicine: The whole part of the fungus and the carcass of the worm, it is necessary to gently dig to get the full body of the worm in the soil. Bring back, wash, dry, spray alcohol, then dry completely, medicinal herbs are usually tied into small bundles.

The deep carcass in the medicine is 2.5 – 3cm long, 3 – 5mm in diameter, yellow-brown or gray-brown.

In Vietnam, cordyceps is replaced by another type of worm that lives in the trunks of chits or locusts. The worm is 3.5cm long, light yellow in color, impregnated with honey, then golden, and dried.

2. Uses of Cordyceps

Cordyceps contains protid, fat, a special acid, cordicepic acid. The main amino acids are arginine, alanine, histidine, proline, and glutamic acid. According to foreign documents, cordyceps has the effect of increasing blood volume for the heart, dilating the trachea, and inhibiting some bacteria.

Cough remedy from cordyceps - Photo 2.

Cordyceps is put into use

According to ancient medicinal books, Cordyceps has a sweet taste, warm properties, has the effect of nourishing, sputum, anti-inflammatory, hemostasis, treating neurasthenia, back pain, cough with phlegm, aching limbs, impotence, coughing up blood…

Daily dose: 6 – 12g in the form of alcohol soaked.

For Vietnamese cordyceps, people often use the form of food – medicine such as fried and cooked with eggs to eat nutritious food.

3. Remedies for chronic tracheitis, a lot of cough

Cordyceps 10g, tang white skin 8g, winter flowers 6g, licorice 3g, small anise 2g.

All dried, sharp with 400ml of water to 100m, drink twice a day.

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