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Having feelings for two men

An outspoken brother who was there during my most difficult times. An elegant brother, high income, helped me a lot in life.

I am 36 years old, divorced from my husband, currently living with my daughter. My ex-husband and I both work in government agencies. He gambled, so he got into debt, his contract was terminated by the agency, and he opened the restaurant again. After more than six years, he still suffers from the same disability, making me miserable because I have to pay off my debt. Also during this time, I met a male colleague named A, also working in a state agency, with a wife (later I found out that he was divorced from his wife). At first we were just friends, he helped me a lot, shared with me work at the agency and helped pay off the debt my ex-husband had caused. He even held the red earth book to get money to help me pay off the debt.

Then, because I couldn’t stand the pressure of debt, I decided to divorce and raise my daughter. Everything that followed was sad because I had to bear all the expenses to cover my life and raise my children. Some time later, I was introduced to a new job by a friend. Mr. A is secretly helping me more, at this time I noticed that he has a confidant, so I asked if he could help me. Both confessed their feelings for each other, and promised to marry when I manage my life, I will pay off all my debts. Life after that was very happy and complete, even though we were not married, we lived together as husband and wife. He was very worried about mother and child, then helped me buy land and build my own house.

>> Confused between two men who really love me

During my time working in the insurance company, I got to know Mr. B, got married, worked as a company manager, so his income was quite high, his appearance and way of speaking were better than Mr. A. Mr. B has helped me in many ways, since then my income is quite good. Gradually I realized that I also loved Mr. B, the two of them bonded with each other while in the company. The opportunity to go to a practice site far away is an opportunity for us to get close. Everything was very well arranged, I didn’t tell Mr. A. I realized that Mr. B was the person I loved, so I suggested to Mr. A that if he meets a good girl, come forward, don’t mind me.

Mr A gradually realized that something was wrong, so he asked if I had a problem to work on together. I didn’t say anything. He believed in and continued to care for me and my mother and daughter. It wasn’t until later when Pak B and I met more often that Pak A found and said goodbye. He says he knows all the things I lied to. Since Mr. B has not divorced his wife, I thought again, apologized to Mr. A and promised not to let that happen again. He accepted to forgive but was still timid, not fully trusting him, asking me not to call or see Mr B again, even if it was for work.

Since then, I have lived happily and happily with Mr. A, but I still secretly contact Mr. B by phone, sometimes meeting at the hotel when I have the opportunity to go on business trips in the province. Pak A knows the story and is determined to break up. I said he doesn’t know difference between work and love, doesn’t respect me, I accept farewell soon. Now that I think about it, I have some faults in it. Mr. A is straightforward, happy and sad, all shows on his face, has some bad habits, but together with me overcome all difficulties when I divorced. He loves me and my mother unconditionally. Mr B is graceful, high income, understands stories and helps me a lot in my work. Should I apologize and go back to Mr A, or wait for Mr B to divorce his wife and then come to him?


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