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China successfully develops nanostructured materials that trap CO2 emissions

This structure can be applied to the manufacturing sector to mitigate global warming.

According to research published in the journal Nano Research, scientists from Tianjin University and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences combined the three elements copper, gold and silver to form a single material. nanostructures act as a supercatalyst.

This structure is conformationally asymmetric and has the potential to speed up the reduction chemical reaction CO2 electrochemistry, an important step in drawing CO2 from the atmosphere and using it as a feedstock for industrial chemicals. The reaction uses electricity to convert greenhouse gases into other usable substances by separating the carbon atom from the oxygen atom.

The researchers altered the shapes and proportions of the three metals by using the “nanopyramid” of the element gold as a “seed” to grow and create a unique form of irregular structure. On the basis of this structure, chemists can adjust selectivity for different C2-formed products. For example, the production of ethanol can be maximized using a structure with a combination ratio consisting of 1 gold and silver atom combined with 5 copper atoms.

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