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“I can only say sorry to appease public opinion”

While the relationship of Hien Ho and the giant U60 is controversial, netizens have “digged” a clip of the female singer sharing her love scandal in the past.

At that time, Hien Ho had just experienced a big scandal when he revealed his dating photo with Soobin Hoang Son. She was also accused of “setting up” Soobin Hoang Son, deliberately staging sneaky photos to polish his name.

In the clip, Hien Ho confided: “I don’t know what people think, but Hien is an insider. Through this, Hien sees right or wrong, yes or no, the most disadvantaged person is still a girl.

At that time, besides apologizing, Hien no longer knew what to do. At that time, Hien did not have any protection behind her back. Hien can only say sorry to appease public opinion and appease loved ones..

Clip Hien Ho opens up about the love scandal

And at the present time, when caught in a scandal with the married U60 giants, Hien Ho remains silent. She has locked all of her social networking sites, and turned off the comment feature on her YouTube channel.

Hien Ho:


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