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F0 invites each other to nourish cordyceps, but these 4 people stay away

Not everyone who uses cordyceps has good results, especially the following 4 types of patients:

For a long time, cordyceps is famous for its health-promoting properties. Recently, people are flocking to buy cordyceps for the purpose of strengthening resistance, helping patients Covid-19 quickly recover, overcome post-F0 symptoms.

However, not everyone using cordyceps is equally effective. Here are 5 objects that should not be used lest they “lose money”.

F0 races to replenish cordyceps, 4 subjects must stay away!-1

1. Pregnant and lactating women

Pregnant and lactating women are a certain group of people who need to avoid eating or drinking cordyceps. The reason is that these people have a sensitive body and are not physically good.

The use of coagulation with too large amounts of nutrients directly affects health. If you want to use cordyceps, you should consult your doctor.

2. Children under 5 years old

Cordyceps is warm and contains a large amount of medicinal substances. While children under 5 years old are still weak, it is difficult to absorb all these nutrients.

If used can cause digestive system disorders, early puberty. This adversely affects the process of perfecting organs and the development of young children.

3. People with fever

When a person has a fever, each person’s body temperature rises significantly. Cordyceps is a warm herb, so when used, it will cause the body temperature to rise even more, the fever will be worse. Therefore, those who are suffering from high fever should absolutely not use cordyceps.

F0 races to replenish cordyceps, 4 subjects must stay away!-2

4. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis

This group of people, if using supplements such as cordyceps, will stimulate the activity of the immune system, making the symptoms of the disease worse.

5. People preparing for surgery

There is a component in the coagulation that increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, making it more difficult for the blood to clot. Therefore, before the surgery, the patient should not use the pasteurized solution to ensure safety.

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