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Japan begins to lift key COVID-19 prevention measures

Japan begins to lift key COVID-19 prevention measures
People move on a street in Tokyo, Japan, February 28, 2022. Photo: Kyodo/VNA

In parallel with the lifting of key epidemic prevention measures, the Japanese Government intends to gradually relax restrictive measures in order to normalize socio-economic activities, and at the same time strengthen the health system. , strengthen testing capacity and stockpile drugs to prepare for other waves of infection in the future. Besides, according to broadcaster NHK, the Japanese government intends to encourage the use of vaccination certificates in restaurants, bars, large-scale sports and entertainment events and travel activities. again.

Last weekend, the government of Prime Minister Kishida Fumio decided to lift key epidemic prevention measures in 18 provinces and cities from March 22. This decision was made in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic showing signs of abating in this country. In the week from March 14-20, Japan only recorded 328,303 new infections, down 49,805 cases compared to a week earlier.

Up to now, Japan has recorded a total of 6,109,659 COVID-19 cases, equivalent to 4.86% of the country’s population. The death toll from COVID-19 is 27,138, equivalent to 0.45% of those infected with COVID-19, which is quite low compared to many other countries despite Japan’s high proportion of elderly people (aged 65 and older). among the developed countries.

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