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Revealing Windows 1.0’s Easter Egg after nearly 37 years

Recently, a user named Lucas Brooks shared a hidden “Easter Egg” in version Windows 1.0.

Accordingly, this Easter Egg is simply a listing of the development team that created Windows 1.0. The list has the words “Congratulations!” and among the developers’ names, there is a particularly familiar “Gabe Newell”.

Revealing Windows 1.0's Easter Egg after nearly 37 years - Photo 1.

Easter Egg of Windows version 1.0

For those who do not know, this is the name of the person who is leading Valve – the company behind the Steam platform. Early in her career, Gabe Newell worked at Microsoft, helping develop some of the early versions of Windows.

Gabe Newell’s relationship with Microsoft is far from over. Currently, Microsoft and Valve are still working together to enhance the Steam Deck experience for gamers.

According to Brooks, the hidden list is placed in encrypted form at the end of the smiley bitmap file that ships with the Widows 1.0 operating system. However, back in 1985, there were hardly any tools that could uncover this kind of data.

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