VNPT offers 1 month fee for business households registering for remote digital signature service

VNPT SmartCA is a public digital signature authentication service according to the remote digital signature model developed by VNPT Group, meeting the European eIDAS safety and security standards and the standards of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

For many years, digital signing was heavily dependent on physical devices such as USB tokens or SIM cards, and users could only sign on computers (Laptop, PC). However, today, with the explosion of high technology, users are HKD, business individuals can easily perform electronic transactions that need to be authenticated with digital signatures right on their smartphone or tablet. with faster signing speed, more and ensure higher safety and security. ◊This solution not only takes advantage of digital signatures in terms of safety, authenticity, and non-repudiation, but also allows digital signatures with biometrics (via FaceID, fingerprints, etc.) iris) to help maximize security for customers. For mobile devices without biometrics, SmartCA now supports customers to use pin codes to authenticate transactions as usual.

In particular, for customers who are individual business owners or business individuals who often have to move on the street, cannot sit and work continuously at computers, VNPT SmartCA is an effective tool to ensure the circulation of all customers. types of papers and documents, helping to maximize work productivity. In addition, VNPT SmartCA’s tariff packages are reasonably and flexibly designed, which also helps HKDs solve the problem of cost optimization and improve production and business efficiency.

Many regulations of the Government have been issued in the past time, directed directly to business owners and individuals, such as Decree 123/2020/ND-CP and Circular 78/2021/TT-BTC in which stipulate the time limit for the business transactions to convert from paper invoices to electronic invoices; Circular 40/2021/TT-BTC regulating tax declaration for HKD. Accordingly, from 2022, digital signatures will be considered mandatory for all HKDs in tax declaration and use of electronic invoices. Right now, HKDs need to be faster and more drastic in converting to meet the requirements of transactions in the digital age.

In order to support customers who are HKD, business individuals who have never used SmartCA service to register to try the service, VNPT has built a preferential package that is free to use for a period of 01 month from the date of registration. service. With this package, customers can sign remotely with the signing speed of 1 sign/second and the maximum signing in 24 hours up to 500 signatures, meeting all the basic digital signing needs of HKD.

Subjects: Applicable to customers who are HKD, business individuals who register to use the service for the first time.

To register to experience the service and receive attractive offers immediately, please visit: or call hotline 1800 1260 for advice.


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