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91-year-old bride dies months after marrying her 67-year-old husband, kids discover shocking truth

Joan Blass, 91, married a man named Colman Folan, 67, just months before his death in March 2016. After that, all of Joan’s assets were inherited by Mr. Colman, making his descendants very angry, thinking that this marriage was a calculated fraud.

It is known that Joan is suffering from dementia. This grandmother still wears the wedding ring given to her by her first husband, Ron (who died in 2008) after 50 years together.

In 2011, Joan met with Mr. Colman, a man 24 years his junior. Despite the huge age difference, Colman is still friends and becomes close to Joan. Five months before Joan’s death, Mr. Colman lives with him.

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Then, Mrs. Joan’s children, Mr. Michael, 53, and Mrs. Daphne, 62, began to feel worried and suspicious of Pak Colman’s appearance. They were afraid that their mother would be scammed by Mr. Colman because it seemed that the 91 year old woman knew nothing about Colman’s whereabouts, background, hometown or even his real identity. During this time, Joan’s two children sought help from doctors, social welfare agencies and the police, but to no avail.

It’s still not the scariest thing. Just three days after Joan’s death, Daphne’s daughter discovered that her mother had married Mr Colman in a civil ceremony at Leeds Town Hall, England.

Since Mr Colman is Joan’s legal husband on paper, his 2 children will lose their inheritance. Instead, Mr. Colman will inherit the entire legacy left by Joan, totaling approximately 210,000 pounds (over 6.3 billion dong).

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This made Mrs. Daphne and Mr. Michael was furious and unbelievable. They believe that Mr. Colman deliberately arranged a marriage with Joan, then waited for her death to inherit the entire property.

Mrs Daphne then sued Mr Colman over Joan’s funeral. Ms. Daphne said no family members were invited to attend Joan’s funeral. Moreover, Mr Colman hastily buried Joan in a sketchy anonymous grave.

After Joan’s death, Mr. Colman continued to live at his grandmother’s house, even later remarrying. Therefore, Mrs. Joan’s descendants could not help but suspect that Pak Colman had many motives when he married an amnesiac and “near earth far away” like Mrs. Joan.

Mrs Daphne told The Guardian: “I was so hurt and devastated. I was trying to let go of my emotions because it was too much for me. I haven’t been to my mother’s house since she died. My grandfather’s papers are still there. All my memories have been stained. “

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