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How soon should children recovering from COVID-19 be vaccinated? This is the answer parents need

Since the outbreak in Hanoi, Trung Bac (Hanoi) and his wife have been looking forward to day and night, not knowing when it will be their turn to inject their 11-year-old son.

However, once her entire family recovered from COVID-19, that was when she received notification that her baby was vaccinated against the disease. Currently, the family is very confused whether to vaccinate their child again or not? Is it safe for direct injection?

How soon should children recovering from COVID-19 be vaccinated?  This is the answer parents need - 1


Responding to this, Dr Do Thien Hai – Deputy Director of the Center for Tropical Diseases and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine – National Children’s Hospital said that when children are vaccinated or have been exposed to Covid-19 they all create antibodies to prevent the disease. . For Covid-19, we saw antibodies to the disease decrease over time. Viral strains appeared at different times, but the ability to cross-protect against viral strains is unclear. Therefore, even though the child has been infected with Covid-19, the child still needs to be vaccinated or if he has been vaccinated must get a booster shot.

According to Ms. Duong Thi Hong – Deputy Director of Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Head of National Expanded Immunization Office, from December 2021, Ministry of Health will guide people after recovering from COVID-19 and finish their work. isolation as prescribed, recovered health will be vaccinated against COVID-19 (including basic vaccine doses and booster shots).

“When to re-inject after recovering from COVID-19 depends on the health status of the person. According to the instructions, it can be given after recovering from illness and completing medical isolation. But in fact, in practice. After recovering, patients can not immediately recover in just 1-2 weeks. Usually the recovery time takes 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the condition of each person,” he explained.

“When receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, there will be a normal reaction, which can cause fatigue, pain, fever. If your health has not recovered, adding a post-injection reaction will make the body more tired. Therefore, people need to have their health monitored, when they feel their health has recovered, they will continue to inject vaccines,” Hong advised.

For children with COVID-19, just like adults, it is recommended to have a complete recovery before receiving the vaccine.

Currently, according to the Ministry of Health guidelines, those who delay COVID-19 vaccination are sufferers of acute illness and pregnant women under 13 weeks; Contraindicated in people with a clear history of anaphylaxis to the same (previous) COVID-19 vaccine and who have contraindications as announced by the manufacturer.

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