Hoan Chau’s biological mother How to live in a house of 87 million USD

After her husband’s death, for the past three years, Quynh Dao has lived a private life in Taiwan. She enjoys nature and composing, giving the right to handle the work to her daughter-in-law.

March 28, ETtoday reporting on the life of female singer Quynh Dao at the age of 80. According to the news site, the author Hoan Chau Way currently resides in a 7-storey house named Kha Vien in Taipei City (Taiwan). The house was built more than 30 years ago, has an area of ​​660 m2. Kha Vien is currently valued at 2.5 billion TWD ($87 million).

Above ETtoday, Quynh Dao said that she is preparing to renovate the house, build an elevator to serve commuting. To facilitate the construction work, she donated ancient trees, rockery and more than 100 ornamental fish to the school on Duong Minh mountain.

According to China Times, Kha Vien is a place to keep happiness and memories between Quynh Dao and her husband Binh Ham Dao. This is a house designed by Binh Ham Dao according to the needs and preferences of the female singer.

Many works by Quynh Dao screenwriter like I Am A Cloud, Burn Up Fire Bird… was recorded here. Therefore, she especially appreciates and has repeatedly refused to renovate the house.

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Writer Quynh Dao lives discreetly and peacefully in Taiwan.

Kha Vien is not only a house, a garden, but more than that, it is a refuge, ensuring peace so that my soul no longer wanders.“, Quynh Dao talked about the meaning of Kha Vien in the book My story.

After her husband passed away in 2019, Quynh Dao did not appear in public, rarely posting or interacting with fans on her personal page.

Sharing about her aspirations for her 84th birthday on April 20, she said that she wished her son and granddaughter’s family had a healthy life, and donated trees and fish to the school for good growth.

Quynh Dao said that now she mainly writes poetry and prose. Ha Tu Quynh, Quynh Dao’s daughter-in-law, is responsible for resolving the copyright issue of a leading Chinese writer’s work.

Going forward, her two novels are Hoan Chau Way and Plum Blossom Heroic Dream adapted to the screen.

Quynh Dao was born in 1938 in Sichuan into a family with a tradition of education. She is also distantly related to writers Kim Dung and Tu Chi Ma.

In the novels of the famous female artist, readers can easily see the poetic love and beautiful scenery. She elaborated each sentence, each word, without a path. There are many love novels now, but with good and temperamental writing, no one has ever passed Quynh Dao.

The novels of Quynh Dao’s life can be mentioned as Thuy Van Gian, Trieu Thanh, Hoa Mai Lac, Hai Au Phi Xu, The River of Separation, Hoan Chau Cach Cach, A Moment of Dream…

Her works, after being turned into films, have received a lot of love and fame for many actors such as Trieu Vy, Lam Tam Nhu, Tran Duc Dung, Tuong Can Can, Co Cu Co, To Huu Bang.

In there, Hoan Chau Way classified as a classic television work and a “treasure treasure” of the Chinese screen.

According to Zing

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