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My Tam tried to hide, fans still discovered the love story

Although the love story has never been published, My Tam’s fans still find countless proofs that the idol is “in a relationship” with Mai Tai Phan.

Most recently, fans discovered that “rumored youth” was also present in Da Lat to watch the show of My Tam, silently watching her performance. The actor quietly sat at the sound table to support the organizers. In particular, his sitting position opposite the stage, can directly watch My Tam perform. Despite carefully hiding her appearance, the online community still recognizes Mai Tai Phen’s familiar appearance.

My Tam tried to hide, fans still discovered the love story 1

My Tam performed in Da Lat

Soon famous with a large fan base, the name My Tam has never ceased to be “hot” in the hearts of the audience. The singer has just held for the first time two big concerts in Da Lat, all of which “sold out” after a few minutes right from the time of online sale. During the 2 nights of the show, “brown-haired painter” had impromptu moments “scored” with the audience when he went down to the seats below to sing among the fans. Along with guests Khac Hung, Vu, Thinh Suy, My Tam performed many songs that caused “storms” in the Vietnamese music market such as: Where I stopped, Right also became false, Not only you, More than love , If you go…

My Tam tried to hide it, fans still discovered the love story 2

The two have collaborated on many projects

My Tam and Mai Tai Phan are 10 years apart, and are said to have a special love relationship for many years after co-starring in the MV “Don’t ask me” and the movie “My assistant sister” but both two never admitted. After 3 years since the dating suspicion appeared, the two also openly attended many events, appeared together on a flight and were not afraid to give each other intimate and affectionate gestures. Mai Tai Phan is still quietly next to My Tam. He also limited his artistic activities than before.

My Tam tried to hide it, fans still discovered the love story 3
My Tam – Mai Tai Phan has been involved in dating rumors for 3 years now

Most recently, on the occasion of the 2022 Lunar New Year, the image of Mai Tai Phan appearing at the parents’ house of “brown-haired painters” in Da Nang caused a “fever” on social networks. Even some people who claim to be neighbors of My Tam’s family also confirmed that every year on New Year’s Eve, the male actor born in 1991 also went home to “rumored girlfriend”. Up to now, although they have never confirmed the love story, but from the shared images, many people are implicitly understanding that the relationship between My Tam and Mai Tai Phan is not just a colleague.

Regarding the story of the brown-haired Hoa Mi’s secret dating, many seniors and seniors in the entertainment industry expressed sympathy. Singer Cam Van said that this is the normal behavior of famous people. She herself, first talked about love with Khac Trieu, because at that time both were famous, and did not want to reveal the story, so their private meetings were quite difficult.

My Tam tried to hide, fans still discovered the love story 4

Fans wait for the two to become a family.

“Mr. Trieu rides a bicycle, I run a Honda PC50, and I meet at cafes far away, dressed in camouflage. But love is like a needle in a wrapper, how can it be hidden. Six years later, they returned to the same house,” Cam Van said.

Currently, My Tam’s fans are also looking forward to the singer and the young love to come out soon and come to a happy ending like the case of Ngo Thanh Van and her boyfriend Huy Tran.

(According to Tien Phong)

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