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The female nurse “trapped”, was abused by 4 swimmers, causing her body to become rabid, the details of the incident caused outrage

On March 30, Indian media reported, a serious collective assault is shaking public opinion in this country, making everyone angry.

Specifically, a female nurse was gang-raped by four professional swimmers on the evening of March 24. According to local media, the nurse works at a private hospital in Bengaluru and lives in West Bengal.

Through a dating app, this nurse became acquainted with a man named Rajat. After chatting for a while, she felt that her mind was compatible, the nurse accepted the invitation to go to her boyfriend’s house for dinner. However, she did not expect that she had fallen into a trap.

Immediately after entering the room, she was gang raped by Rajat and 3 of his friends. After satisfying their beastly urge, they chased the nurse out with a rabid body. The victim tried to drag himself home to tell his family about the incident.

Portraits of 4 arrested suspects are causing public anger.

The next day, she and her family went to report the incident to the police. According to the media, the suspects quickly fled to different remote places. In order to arrest the suspects, a special team formed by the local police conducted a search and arrested four suspects in different locations.

According to police, the identities of the suspects have been identified as Rajat, Shivaran, Dev Saroi and Yogesh Kumar, all swimmers from Delhi. At the time of the incident, all four were attending a swimming training workshop. All the suspects admitted to their crimes.

Rajat confessed that he met a female nurse through a dating app. After inviting the nurse to his house for dinner, he called and invited three of his other friends. Here, they develop a beastly attitude and harm the nurse. Police said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, the victim is being supported for health treatment after becoming panicky because of the barbaric actions of the 4 suspects. Public opinion has expressed anger at the despicable behavior of the four athletes and said that they are a shame of the country’s sports industry. It is not clear whether these four athletes will be kicked out of the sports industry, while netizens are calling for and asking local authorities to get justice for the victims.

Source: India Today

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