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Bitter ending for the woman who made up, insulted the reputation of others

On the afternoon of March 31, the Hanoi People’s Court sentenced Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong (born in 1973, born in Vinh Phuc) to 21 months in prison for the crime of “abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, rights and interests of the State. lawful organizations and individuals”.

Ms. Huong has collaborated with a number of press agencies, including Law Protection Newspaper, and performed a fixed-term labor contract with this newspaper from November 2015 to November 2018.

After that, the Law Protection Newspaper made a decision to terminate the labor contract with Ms. Huong.

Bitter ending for the woman who made up, insulted the reputation of others
Defendant in court. Law Protection Newspaper’s photo

It is alleged that, from 2020 until now, stemming from a personal motive, Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong created and used Facebook accounts, Zalo accounts continuously posted and spread on social networks many times. Articles, information and images containing fabricated, distorting, or offensive content to the collective reputation, honor and dignity of individual leaders of the Law Protection Newspaper, infringing upon the rights and interests of the Company. lawful organizations and individuals.

Ms. Huong also sent many false denunciations with the above contents to the leaders of the Party, State and some central agencies.

The assessment conclusion dated January 10, 2022 of the Department of Information and Communications of Hanoi determined: Articles posted on Facebook and Zalo of the accused have content that distorts, slanders, insults the prestige of the accused. reputation of the organization, honor and dignity of the individual.

In addition, the verification results at central agencies and units such as the Inspector of the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Department of Organization and Personnel – the Supreme People’s Procuracy… all show, Ms. Huong’s denunciation has no documents or evidence attached, and is speculation and fabrication.


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