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5 bad habits to change to avoid causing infertility in men – Life Health

Friday, April 1, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

The medical community says that if you’ve been trying to conceive after a year of not using birth control and haven’t gotten pregnant, it’s time to learn a little about infertility and see a medical professional.

Both men and women can experience problems related to infertility. After a year you have been living a regular life, not using birth control without getting pregnant, it is best to see a specialist to find a way to handle it in your childbirth journey.

In addition, you also need to adjust to your interests and daily living habits. Sometimes even seemingly small things can have an unexpected impact on male fertility.

5 bad habits to change to avoid causing infertility in men - 1


Advice for men:

Eat foods rich in zinc

Japanese medical researchers observed 1,000 cases of male infertility and found that 37 did not have enough selenium in their semen. Most selenium comes from food.

Besides, trace element zinc can promote sperm motility, prevent premature breakdown of sperm, which is beneficial for egg incorporation. It can be seen that zinc has a significant impact on fertility. Therefore, men should eat a variety and pay attention to eat a lot of foods containing zinc and selenium such as fish, shellfish, liver, soybeans, brown rice, …

Do not wear tight jeans

Under normal circumstances, testicle temperature is 3 to 4°C lower than body temperature. Urologists believe that tight jeans not only compress the male reproductive organs, affecting the normal development of the testes, but also detrimental to the survival of sperm due to airtightness. and no heat dissipation.

Do not drive a racing car for a long time

The handlebar height of the racing car is lower than the saddle. When driving, the center of gravity is tilted forward, the curvature of the waist increases, the testicles and the perineal prostate are pressed against the seat cushion, which can cause infertility. Therefore, men should not ride race cars for a long time, preferably no more than an hour a day.

Do not take a bath that is too hot

Sperm develop normally in a stable temperature environment of 34 to 35°C. When the water temperature in the bath is too high, there will be a “killer” lurking without our knowledge.

For example, the temperature of a steam room can be as high as 70°C – 80°C, twice the temperature of a normal bathroom. High temperature environment is not conducive to sperm development, or causes too many “dead sperm” leading to infertility.

Scientists have drawn the conclusion from the cause of male infertility that some men cannot survive sperm because their testicle temperature is 2 to 3 degrees higher than normal. Therefore, young people when going to sauna need to be careful, usually the temperature of the water in the bath should be around 34°C.

Do not breathe kitchen smoke

There are 74 chemicals in kitchen smoke that can cause cell mutations and cause infertility. They become evidence of the crimes of “family killers”. They found that fruit flies fed with solid oil from a kitchen hood had a chromosomal mutation rate of 0.54% and were 2.8 percent infertile, suggesting that their reproductive systems has been significantly disrupted.

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