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5 common mistakes when driving can cause accidents of women

According to experienced auto experts, the reason why female car drivers cause accidents often stems from their bad habits.

To ensure safety on all roads when participating in traffic, female drivers need to understand important principles before starting the car.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes that women often make when participating in traffic and details how to correct them for the journey drive a car of women lighter, happier and safer:

1. Forgot to adjust the seat

When you first get in the car, the manipulations of adjusting the mirror, seat and lowering the handbrake are very basic but very important operations of the driver. Because if the seat is not adjusted to fit the driver’s reach, it will cause a difficult situation to observe, not having a reasonable sitting posture also makes it difficult for the driver to observe, easy to cause an accident.

Women often make this mistake because the seat is almost always adjusted by a man first. And most men always sit lower than women.

6 common mistakes when driving and 6 ways to make the driving journey more fun - Photo 1.

Adjust the driving position before starting the car to help women move safely. Source: Carmudi

This is a basic mistake that women who have just learned to drive a car often make because they do not have the habit and are too focused on controlling the car, clutch, accelerator… They often don’t care how sitting is. reasonable, adjust the steering wheel, rearview mirror to the correct position.


– Check your seat position every time you get in the car and form this habit for yourself, especially if you’re carpooling with other people. If moving the seat to a higher position makes it difficult to reach the pedals, try adjusting the steering wheel.

– Adjust the seat for a comfortable position and good vision by:

If your car has a manual height adjuster, find the handle on the side of the seat and pull it up to adjust the height (do the opposite if you want the seat to be lower). Many of you may need to pull the handle up and down a lot to get the right height adjustment.

Experts advise that the seat should be adjusted so that the distance from the seat to the steering wheel must be suitable for the body, the space used to step on the gas pedal, and the brake pedal should be within range.

2. Keep a distance too close to the car in front

Moving too close to the vehicle in front not only causes discomfort to other vehicles but also causes unsafety in traffic. However, this is a mistake that many people make, especially new drivers.


To overcome this dangerous habit, remember that you must always keep your car a distance of 1-1.2m from the car in front. This distance allows you to handle the situation in time if the car in front of you brakes suddenly or stops suddenly on the road.

3. Do not adjust the rearview mirror

5 common mistakes when driving and 5 ways to make the driving journey more fun - Photo 2.

Correctly adjusting the rearview mirror will help expand the view and maximize the effect of the central mirror.

Some new drivers often focus too much on the steering wheel, gear lever, accelerator or entertainment system that ignores rearview mirror adjustment.

As a result, visibility is limited, making it difficult for drivers to see around, causing danger when traveling on the road.


– Adjust the rearview mirror so that you can see behind as clearly as possible. The rearview mirror should have a view parallel to the horizon and the road behind you.

With mirrors placed like this, you’ll be able to see cars approaching and changing lanes behind or intending to pull over so you’re always aware of the traffic around you while moving. moved on.

– For some women who often forget to open the mirror, to overcome this, you can choose to buy a car that has the automatic mirror folding/unclosing feature when locking/unlocking the car door, or “adding” at other locations. car beauty shop.

4. Sitting too close to the steering wheel

This is one of the most dangerous habits. Because if you sit with such a close distance, you will be at risk of serious injury if an accident occurs. The distance from the chest to the center of the steering wheel should be maintained at a minimum of ~30.5 cm.

5 common mistakes women make when driving, causing accidents, and here are 5 ways to correct them for women to drive well and proficiently - Photo 3.

In addition to women’s distraction while driving, incorrect driving techniques can also cause serious consequences.


Adjust the seat height to the right level. Then adjust your handlebars. If your steering wheel has a telescopic handle, position it within easy reach. Your arms should be about 3/4 apart and you should have a clear view of the instrument cluster on your car.

5. Misplacement of bags

This is a big concern for a lot of women as car manufacturers have not created a separate place for handbags in the car. Because of this, many people often put them on the passenger seat, which can be dangerous. It can become the reason why women get into an accident when trying to get a necessary item from their bag while driving.


– The best advice for women is to leave your bag in the rear passenger seat, because in this position, the bag will no longer be so close that it can distract you while driving. .

– If the space in the car is really tight, take really necessary items such as: wallet, phone, lip balm and put them in the glove compartment of the car and store bags and other items in the car. the position of the rear of the vehicle (or the trunk). Of course, the location of your bag can be considered on a case-by-case basis, but that’s important.

In addition to women’s distraction while driving, incorrect driving techniques can also cause serious consequences. Therefore, women need to equip themselves with more thorough and standard car driving experiences to not cause unfortunate accidents.

For now, get ready to enjoy your ride.

Wishing you safe driving and happy journeys!

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