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On the morning of April 1, a representative of the Nam Tu Liem District Police Department (Hanoi) said that the unit had detained a female suspect to investigate a fire that broke out at lane 60 on Phu Do Street, killing six people.

Subject was identified as Tran Thi Thanh Hai (SN 1993, residing in Minh Thuan commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province), a worker of a company in Hanoi.

The victim was identified as Nguyen Thi Mai A. (SN 1997, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi) currently at Room 601, House No. 4, Alley 60 Phu Do Street, Group 4, Phu Do Ward, District Nam Tu Liem. The victim is an employee of Sotatek Technology Joint Stock Company.

Exposing the lies of the female suspect who burned the motel, causing 6 casualties in Hanoi: Khai is pregnant but... - Photo 1.

The scene of the fire

At the police station, Hai confessed that he had an affair with Mr. CVH, leading to pregnancy, but he was banned by Mr. H’s family, leading to Mr. H. not caring about Hai while pregnant.

At the beginning of March 2022, Mr. H. moved in with his cousin, Mr. Hoang Cong V. (born in 1990 in Lam Binh commune, Tuyen Quang district) currently staying in room 604 house number 4, lane 60, Phu Do street, district Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) to avoid Hai.

Since then, Hai also had a grudge against Mr. V., around 3 pm on March 31, after returning to Hai from a medical examination, he went to a gas station on Lac Long Quan Street to buy 30,000 VND for petrol in a 1.5-liter lavie bottle. carry it in person and then go to the inn and H. and Mr. V. stay.

Without seeing the two, the subject went to a nearby barber shop to get his nails done and was bitter about being stopped by Mr. Hoang’s family. At 6pm on the same day, Hai returned to the motel room number 4, lane 60, Phu Do with a bottle of gasoline after buying more Thong Nhat matches.

Here, the subject lied to visit an acquaintance and was allowed in by a person in the inn. Going into the yard of the inn, he saw that the motorbike with the license plate 22B2-428.76 of Mr. V built in the yard, the subject lit it on fire.

Seeing the fire broke out, the subject ran away to his boarding house. After being informed of the incident by his lover and arranged to meet at the burning boarding house, Hai was arrested on the road.

Notably, Hai declared that she was pregnant but was not supported by her boyfriend’s family, leading to conflicts and revenge by burning the motorbike of her boyfriend’s family. However, through inspection, the police agency determined that Hai was not pregnant.

At about 19:12, the Fire and Rescue Police force approached the fire and quickly agreed, deployed instructions for escape, saving people and organizing fire fighting. By 19:20, the fire was under control, preventing the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings and houses. By 19:30, the fire was completely extinguished.

The fire area at the parking space on the 1st floor of a 5-storey, 1-tum building, concrete and reinforced concrete structure, has a floor area of ​​about 170m2.

Fire and Rescue Police force and CNCH rescued 05 injured people (including 04 children) and took them to emergency in time, guiding 07 people to escape safely.

Regarding preliminary damage, there was 01 death, on property statistics are continuing. pregnant-pregnant-velvet-20220401110841959.chn

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