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What to do after eating, what not to do in 30 minutes after eating

Do’s and Don’ts within half an hour after breakfast, lunch, dinner

Half an hour after breakfast

Should not: Do not rush to exercise to avoid causing indigestion.

Candlestick: Massage the knee joint.

Chinese medicine believes that the stomach meridian is governed between 7-9 am. The stomach meridian is called the “longevity meridian” and passes through the knee joint. Therefore, about 20 minutes after breakfast, using both hands to continuously massage the knee joint can make the stomach meridian unblocked.

This practice can also dispel colds, protect bones and joints in the cold winter, and is a very good way to stay healthy.

Half an hour after a meal is a

Half an hour after lunch

Should not: Take a nap right after eating.

Half an hour after lunch is an important time to regulate your physical and mental state. As the saying goes, “If you don’t sleep in the afternoon, you’ll crash in the afternoon”. Studies have shown that napping at noon can relieve stress and improve memory, even for just ten minutes, but with immediate effects. However, after eating, rest and relax for about 30 minutes for the digestive system to work stably before you should take a nap.

Candlestick: Even if you don’t have the conditions to sleep, it’s best to straighten your arms and legs, take a few deep breaths, and relax your tense body.

Half an hour after a meal is a

Half an hour after dinner

Should not: Hurry to exercise and shower right away.

Do not rush to exercise and shower immediately after eating because this will increase blood flow to the surface of the body, blood flow in the digestive tract will also decrease. Thereby weakening the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Candlestick: Do some light household chores during this time, such as washing dishes or cleaning your room, so you can get around without straining your digestive system.

Half an hour after a meal is a

5 things in general should not be done after a meal

1. Eat fruit after meals

Food needs to be digested in 1 to 2 hours after entering the stomach. If you eat fruit right after a meal, it will be blocked by the food you ate before, making it impossible for the fruit to digest normally, which is easy to cause flatulence. Because the fruit contains a lot of monosaccharides that are easily absorbed by the small intestine, if it is blocked in the stomach, it will form flatulence, causing constipation. It is best to eat fruit between meals. For people with high blood sugar, it is not advisable to eat fruit immediately after a meal.

Half an hour after a meal is the

2. Exercise right after a meal

Within half an hour of a meal, the stomach becomes very “heavy”. Exercising at this time (including light exercise such as walking) will make the stomach “disturbed”, affecting digestive function, and in the long run also cause stomach diseases. Therefore, it is best to sit and rest for half an hour after a meal and then go out for light activities such as walking.

3. Drink a lot of solid tea after meals

Drinking solid tea right after a meal will dilute the gastric juice and affect the digestion of food. At the same time, the tannins in tea can turn the protein in the food into an indigestible coagulant, increasing the burden on the stomach and affecting the absorption of protein. Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, which binds to iron in food and prevents the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract.

Half an hour after a meal is the

4. Brush your teeth right after eating

After a meal, there is definitely a lot of food left on the teeth, which can soften the enamel. If you brush your teeth right away, the enamel layer is easily worn by the bristles, making the teeth weaker.

If you want to maintain oral hygiene, you can rinse your mouth with water first, after about 15-30 minutes you should brush your teeth because the pH in the mouth is more balanced.

5. Smoking after eating

After a meal, digestive peristalsis is accelerated, blood circulation in the digestive tract increases. If smoking at this time, the harmful components in the smoke will be absorbed more easily by the body, causing 10 times more serious harm than normal.

What to do after a meal

Take a 15-minute break after a meal, listen to some soft music, and drink some tea (but not too much). This helps to prolong life and digest food.

After half an hour, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth with a sip of milk and let the milk stay on the teeth to help the calcium absorption process of the teeth. Take care of your teeth for better health.

Then try to walk gently. During walking, you should adjust your breathing, try to adjust breathing rhythmically so that the digestion and absorption of the digestive tract takes place better. lo-bibenh-20220401171016187.chn

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