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Indonesian girlfriend speaks out about Dat Villa having a 7-year-old stepchild

Not long after meeting in real life, Dat Villa (SN 1994) and Vidhia (SN 1999) – the famous “top” idol couple recently faced waves from netizens. Accordingly, the past story of the male TikToker was dug up, forcing him to admit that he had been divorced from his wife for 7 years and had a 7-year-old stepdaughter.

Of course, in addition to the official share from Dat Villa, Vidhia’s reaction also made people interested. In one recent interviewDat revealed that Vidhia had known the story before and said that the past is not important, the important is the present, so she still loves her boyfriend as usual.

Indonesian girlfriend spoke up about Dat Villa having a 7-year-old stepchild: The first person to face is me, not you!  - Photo 1.

Not stopping there, recently a clip of Vidhia has been spread online about Dat Villa having a child of his own. It is known that the female TikToker shared in Indonesian, but the couple’s fan translated and shared it online. The summary that Vidhia said is as follows:

– Dat Villa did not cheat on his girlfriend but was honest with himself.

– Vidhia or anyone else has no right to interfere in Dat Villa’s private life in particular and people in general.

– The first person has to face the past of Dat Villa and Vidhia, not netizens.

– Vidhia doesn’t care about her boyfriend’s past but the present is important.

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The content that is said to be Vidhia talks about Dat Villa’s story

According to our research, it is true Video spoke out about this. The thing is that she uses Indonesian so not many people understand the subject well but the sentence “The first person to face is me, not you!” it’s real.

At the bottom of the posts about Vidhia’s sharing, netizens have given many compliments to her. Many people agree and comment that she has a mature mind:

– I am the one to face, not you. Well said!

– 22 years old is too young to face marriage and family matters, but Vidhia’s share is mature, choosing sympathy and understanding.

– Normally, she is so small, but she understands the story very well, and says what she says.

– After reading it, I love Vidhia more.

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