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16 hours of hell in a giant ‘coffin’

Frederick Newhall Woods was one of three criminals sentenced to life in prison for the most shocking mass kidnapping in the United States in 1976.

They overpowered a bus near Chowchilla (125 miles southeast of San Francisco, California, USA). Onlywatersurebraina chicar frog took 26 children aged 5-14 and a driver and buried them alive for 16 hours in a giant “coffin”.

The kidnappers had been planning the kidnapping and extortion case more than a year before it started. They demanded a $5 million ransom from the state Board of Education.

Many people cannot help but understand when all three come from wealthy families in San Francisco Bay, but why still choose to dig their own graves.

Defendant Frederick Newhall Woods.

After 16 hours of being locked underground, the children and the driver began to think of an escape plan. They kept digging in fear of being discovered by the kidnappers.

The nightmare ended thanks to the ingenuity of the bus driver and some students. H The hostages stacked mattresses in the truck so that they could reach the metal sheet on the roof. However, a giant battery and a layer of dirt and rock piled up on the metal plate.

The driver and the boys tried to pry open the hood. In the end, they had enough space to escape. The children climbed onto each other’s shoulders to get out of the car while the kidnappers slept. The group of kidnappers one by one fell into the net a few days later.

Defendant Woods apologized for his actions, telling the judge that he now understands the victims’ fears at the time.

“The defendant realized he had changed and fully understood the fear and hurt he caused. Defendant takes full responsibility for this heinous act,” he said.

The most shocking mass kidnapping in the US: 16 hours of hell in a giant coffin - Photo 2.

Some of the victims of America’s most shocking mass abduction.

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