Epic Games officially announced Unreal Engine 5, anyone can download it and try it out

After an early access period lasting nearly a year, Epic Games has officially launched Unreal Engine 5, a powerful game-making tool and the foundation for many future blockbusters. You can download Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) at home page of the project, and the tool will be free for everyone.

In addition to opening UE5 to all developers, Epic Games released two sample projects, showcasing the superior capabilities of the now-completed engine.

Lyra Starter Game is a sample gameplay demonstration project, developed in tandem with UE5 to serve as a starting point in creating new games, in addition to providing research materials on how to make games.,’ said an Epic representative. “We plan to keep updating this project with new versions in the future, showing off our latest tweaks.“.

Demo of Unreal Engine 5’s graphics rendering technology.

The second project is called City Sample, which is the virtual city model that appeared in the technology demo The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine Experience announced not long ago.

According to Epic, City Sample consists of a city complete with houses, vehicles, and virtual NPCs called MetaHuman. This will be a demonstration of how realistic an open world game using Unreal Engine 5 can be.

Today, Epic will also update more UE5-compatible content, both free and paid, to the Unreal Marketplace. Developers will be able to immediately start working on the project of their dreams.

Epic Games officially announced Unreal Engine 5, anyone can download it - Photo 2.

There have been many big studios using Unreal Engine 5 as the “foundation”. Most recently, we saw CD Projekt sign a 15-year strategic cooperation contract with Epic, and also announced a new Witcher game that will use Unreal Engine 5. Just yesterday, Crustal Dynamics confirmed the next Tomb Raider game. follow will also use new tools.

Before Epic officially launched UE5, many game projects decided to take advantage of the power of the new engine. The game Wukong: Black Mythology that stormed a while ago will also be made on the Unreal Engine 5 platform.

New trailer for Black Myth: Wukong.

“Lag” must also be: there are too many enemies on the screen, not to mention the flexible cloud effect and the sparkling weapon collision effect.

The game development process is clearly not simple.

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