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Admire the cherry blossoms in New York City

Le Tuyen – Pham Thanh (TV reporter in the US)Monday, April 11, 2022 07:00 GMT+7

Anahi Araujo – Paraguay tourist said: “It looks a lot like in Japan. This is very different from the rest of the big city, it gives me a peaceful, comfortable feeling. It’s great!”

Little is known about the origin of Cherry Blossom in New York City. There is a theory that these may be the flowers in the gift that the Japanese people gave to the Americans since 1912, but some new clusters clearly indicate the time and reason for planting.

Having lived in New York for a long time, photographer Kerry Kopp comes here every year, now he opens a social media account to livestream for the audience. According to him, New York has nearly a dozen cherry blossom planting sites and there are two main varieties from Japan.

Admire cherry blossoms in New York City - Photo 1.

“As far as I know, those are two very beautiful Japanese varieties of Yoshino and Kwan-zan. As a professional photographer, I know very well which day and where cherry blossoms bloom the most. Like at Roosevelt Island, Central Park center, in the Queens district or some other places, this is the time when the most visitors come, they come to take pictures, film…”.

Regarding flowers, on Roosevelt Island can be considered as one of the most beautiful spots in America. Along with the diversity of races and cultures, cherry blossoms also contribute to the diversity of natural scenery for New York City. This is one of the main reasons why tourists often come to New York when they have set foot in the United States.

Admire cherry blossoms in New York City - Photo 2.

Melissa Busaid – Mexican tourist commented: “Come here you meet people from all over the world, they speak many different languages. Then in that big city that never sleeps on every street corner. different architecture, culture, that’s what I like about New York.”

There are no specific statistics on the contribution of these cherry blossom trees to the development of New York City. But one thing is for sure, the unique and strange beauty of cherry blossoms in a city that is said to be crowded and cramped of concrete blocks, New York will bring great spiritual value to the people. native. As for tourists, this is a value-added gift for their sightseeing package to the city in the spring.

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