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Mining land is a big investment for SEA Games 31

In Quang Ninh, football fields and stadiums invested with thousands of billions of dong are ready to welcome sea ​​Games thirty first.

Quang Ninh is a locality that organizes many competitions in SEA Games 31 only after Hanoi, with 7 sports, including: beach volleyball; beach handball; triathlon (swimming, racing, running) will be held at Tuan Chau International Tourist Area (Ha Long City); women’s football was held at Cam Pha Stadium (Cam Pha City); indoor volleyball held at Dai Yen Multi-Purpose Gymnasium (Ha Long City); chess at Legacy Yen Tu Resort; chess at the Palace of Planning, Fair and Exhibition in Quang Ninh Province (Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City). As planned, Quang Ninh will welcome more than 1,700 people from different countries to attend the 31st SEA Games, including 978 athletes. Up to now, the competition venues in Quang Ninh have been basically completed. Festival sport Southeast Asia’s largest promises to be vibrant and brilliant in the mining land next May.

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Cam Pha Stadium is very beautiful, waiting for the Vietnamese women’s team

Feast of filial piety

The green grass is waiting for the girls to shine

Since the Than Quang Ninh team broke up V League, Cam Pha yard for nearly a year has become a great construction site to “makeover”. The entire grass surface, seats for spectators, roofs … were invested nearly 250 billion VND to serve women’s football matches at SEA Games 31. Phase 1, Quang Ninh spent 163 billion VND from the budget. upgrading the stadium capacity from 8,000 to 16,000 spectators; Phase 2 continues to invest in roofing systems, renovating lawn systems, irrigation systems… with a budget of over 83 billion VND to meet the requirements of the SEA Games Organizing Committee as well as the standard conditions of football. international. All the surrounding institutions are invested in synchronously, overall, especially the system of grass surface, roof, and lights are invested and upgraded to meet competition standards. Notably, Cam Pha field was completely replaced. The construction unit dug the yard surface to a depth of 60 cm and covered it with soil and bermuda grass according to the standards World Football.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Cam Pha City, said that besides the investment in renovating Cam Pha yard, the inauguration work has been completed so far. The entire main road is decorated with flower flags and banners to welcome the 31st SEA Games. “From now until May, we will continuously clean up, organize testing and screening of those who participate in the SEA Games service for SEA Games. Games 31 took place in the safest place. In addition, three security rounds have been set up by the police and army from inside and outside the yard,” said Mr. Cuong.

At the end of March, sports delegations from other countries came to Cam Pha and highly appreciated the preparation work of Quang Ninh province. Mr. Chong Fui Kim, Head of Sports and Marketing Department of the Singapore Olympic Committee, said: “At first, I did not think Quang Ninh would have a beautiful and international standard football field. It is easy to understand after watching Cam Pha Stadium, we already know why the Vietnamese women’s team won tickets to the World Cup.” It is expected that on April 21, Cam Pha Stadium will welcome teachers and coaches Mai Duc Chung returning from Korea and the women’s team will train here to start the journey to defend the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games.

Tuan Chau, Yen Tu “sprung silk”

Area travel Tuan Chau and Yen Tu Scenic Area (Quang Ninh) are two famous places to visit in Vietnam, hosting up to 5 sports of the 31st SEA Games. These days along the route to the above locations, Floral flags and banners are brightly decorated. In order for the reception of thousands of members to take place thoughtfully, Quang Ninh has basically fully prepared, arranged accommodation and accommodation with more than 3,000 rooms in all venues, all meeting the standards from 3-5 stars on request. Logistics is taken care of so that the delegations can get the most comfort and convenience.

Quang Ninh also added and completed infrastructure and items to meet professional work. In which, the 5,000-seat sports arena has been supplemented with lighting systems for the volleyball court, expanded dormitory, cafeteria, tennis court, football combined with athletics, ball practice house. pass. Mr. Dinh Huu Chung, Deputy General Director of Tuan Chau Group, said that this unit is organizing to deploy sand pumping and sandblasting for 4 football fields; including 2 beach volleyball courts, 2 beach handball courts. The workload of sand sieving and sand pumping has been completed. In addition, for the triathlon, the facilities have also been completed.

Along with that, the Organizing Committee SEA Games 31 in Quang Ninh installed 4G – 5G network system at the competition points. Meeting rooms, security rooms, press conferences, technical infrastructure are fully arranged. Mr. Le Trong Thanh, Deputy Director of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company, affirmed that the unit has basically completed the organization of chess. This is also an opportunity for Yen Tu to promote its image and show hospitality to international friends. Notably, in order to strengthen athletes, the Quang Ninh Department of Culture and Sports is proposing to the Provincial People’s Committee about free admission tickets for people and tourists to watch the 31st SEA Games. Leaders of the Department of Culture and Sports said. Regardless of the plan (no audience, limited audience or normal audience), the locality still strictly implements epidemic prevention as recommended by the Government. Ministry of Health.

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